These are random musings of my life journey, the people, animals, places, and events which have woven, and continue to weave, a tapestry that is me. We all know there is no real destination, only the ongoing experiences which blend together, creating the trail. Each step gives a glimpse of what is to come, without allowing me to see the end result. It is exciting. I have a home base that is mine, that gives me a place to rest. This is it. This is where my heart is, no matter where I journey...................

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Movie

It's Monday Morning!!! Get in line for your tickets to the movie!!

We've all have "complainable weather" lately, haven't we? Daisy sent this to me, and I thought it was appropriate for the weather situation. Look at it this way .... when I'm being blown off the side of the mountain, or you are wading through a foot of snow, or someone else is slogging in ankle high, ice cold water .... it could be worse. It really could be worse!!

This was sent to me by several people. I think I'll just leave it to your own captions. ;D

Hang onto your marbles!!

And have a good week!!!


  1. Oh no...that last one is just too much! :-)

    Yeah, we NEVER have snow down here so I cannot imagine weather like that!

    Thanks for the smiles!!

  2. Cheryl, I laughed out loud at that one, even though it was predictable!

  3. You mean you LOST your marbles? LOL

  4. Patti, in more ways than one!!


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