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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Just a Day In the Life of ....

Whew, what a day that was! Last night I had some of the cheese and bread with some more lemon soda for dinner. It really felt good to have a light dinner, put my feet up, cuddle with The Kids and listen to the new birds chirping. The Society Finches have a very different song than do the Zebra Finches. I don't know how to verbally compare, but both are soothing and sweet.

This morning, I'm again enjoying their songs. The dogs are introducing themselves. They stand on their back legs in front of the cage and just look and listen with their heads cocking this way and that. They haven't acted as if they wanted to get into the cage, but simply watch for a few seconds, then off they go. The birds are pretty unconcerned about this. Linda and I noticed on the way home. They sat in the little cage between us and whistled and chirped. They weren't observably nervous at the trip nor with us when we put our hands or faces near the cage. The Zebras are highly skittish, so this is a nice balance.

This afternoon I've had Norah Jones music wafting in the living room, and the birds like her voice! They have been singing like crazy! They have the sweetest song! I've enjoyed them as much as Norah. I think I'm going to thoroughly enjoy having them around. I'm actually sitting here thinking that I want more of these little singers! Oh, now there is a Dean Martin song on and they are loving that, too! I guess they just like music, period. Good! We're going to get along just fine!

I went to Linda's today to take one of her purchases from yesterday that got mixed into mine, and I was there just in time to do a happy dance with her. She was bidding on an item on eBay, a birdcage dress form from the 1940's that is to go in her new studio after the first of the year. She had never done the bidding and yesterday was hoping to pick my brain about how to do it. Well, I hadn't either, but we kinda talked it out and figured her strategy, her final bid amount, etc. Dan, the man who was at the next table in the cafe yesterday, had his laptop, so he looked up "how to" and forwarded the link to Linda. She read it when she got home last night, and today she went for it. I got to her house just in the last 5 minutes of the bidding, and she got it! She did pay $1.50 more than what she established as her desired final bid figure, but that was $100 below her absolute final figure, so she felt very pleased. She plans to use the form in the studio/gallery to exhibit her art. She does watercolors, dye on silk (both wall art), and wearable silk art, so some of her wearables, scarves, will be draped on the form. I think it is going to be trés chic!

OK, I have some things to do and then I have to get ready to go dancing, so I'd better get off this computer. Everyone take care!

Oops! I forgot to publish this over an hour ago!


  1. watch out bidding on ebay will become your next computer addiction. I have to stay off of that site or we would have no room in the house for us.

  2. also love Norah Jones Lyn I have a question for you do you have room for 2 kids 2 adults and 7 cats and 2 dogs need somewhere warm and unsnowy.

  3. Glad you are enjoying Norah Jones. I am not a fan of hers since it reminds me of someone.

    I read your post about your trip and I totally missed that you picked up birds. So when I read this I had to go back and read the other post. I can't remember if you mentioned this or not, but are you naming the birds?

  4. MJ, oh, I hear that! I've already considered eBay addiction!

    Beans, me, too!

    Red, WOW! Would that be a tight squeeze! LOL!

  5. Caroline, ohhhhhh. That's too bad.

    The birds .... I haven't named them, but I'm considering what fits them. They do need names. Hells-bells, you name your car and iPod, so surely these living critters should get names! I'll get back to you on it.

  6. I am just throwing this name out about Wilson for one of them.


    No, we already have SAM WILSON. They deserve names of their own.

    I don't know if they are males or females, so I'm looking at some fairly neutral names. One is white with just a little bit of brown on the back, the other is white and tan. I'm thinking Buffy & Brownie, but not certain yet.

  8. I like Norah Jones too. Sounds like a fun day.

  9. So glad she did well on eBay. I used to be really BAD on eBay but have managed to taper off. Still get on there for some purchases though. I love the "challenge"!!!!

  10. Daisy, it was a fun day. NJ is one of my favorites, fer sher!

    MQ, I've heard about so many people who get hooked on eBay. I could be worse .... you could be paying full price for things, right???


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