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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Road Trip!

Dancing shoes
Italian soda, in lemon, pomegranate
Double cream brie
All weather boots
Kalamata olive bread
Assorted Japanese snacks, such as sesame sticks, rice crackers, wasabi peas
Baked brie with mushrooms
A bag of dog food
Leyden cheese (gouda-type cheese with caraway and cumin)
A Norah Jones CD
2 creme brulees
Several Thai foods
White balsamic vinegar
Focaccia bread with tomato pesto & Parmesan
Ginger carrot soup
Dog Treats
2 society finches
Il Divo CD
Caper salad
Bird treats
Dutch Mill cookies
Bay scallops
Artichoke ravioli
Edamame hummus
..... and some miscellaneous other stuff that I can't think of at this time.

That was the day's take from Albuquerque .... Trader Joe's, Border's, Whole Foods, NM Dance store, 2 Pets Mart, and WalMart. We were busy, but not too busy to stop for a decadent lunch at the Flying Star, a chain in Albuquerque that is similar to Panera Breads, but with a more extensive menu. Lunch was great, fish and chips for me and enchiladas for Linda, but the best thing was a slice of three layer torte with mocha, hazelnut and a third one that we couldn't identify. We split the torte, and it's a good thing, because I certainly couldn't have eaten the whole thing! All washed down with a tall glass of iced mango tea. Unsweetened, thank god. Appologies to those of you in the South, but I just don't do "sweet tea." I love restaurants that have flavored teas without sugar!

Linda brought home as much as I did. The truck was completely loaded! We started home just a few minutes later than we wanted, opened a bottle of the Lemon Italian Soda, poured it over ice and sipped away as we drove.

And we never quit talking. N.E.V.E.R!! During lunch, the man at the next table (inches away) got into a conversation with us, and we left him laughing. He said he'd never enjoyed lunch as he did today.

The kids were alone all day, 12 hours, and didn't get into too much trouble. They did somehow unzip the cover to one of the little doggie beds, and shredded a bunch of the foam, but no shoes!! I just hope they didn't eat any of it. gah. They were certainly happy to see me, and to have dinner about an hour later than usual.

It was an awesome day!

And an awesome booty!! Not that kind of booty, you dirty dog! The treasure kind!


  1. Hey--you answered a booty call! :)

    Glad you had a good haul, nice lunch and a great companion.

  2. Sphincter, LOL! I guess I did!! And yes, Linda is a delightful road buddy!

    MQ, I actually thought of you and thought you'd be pacing us!

  3. wow good day for you. I love to shop but not for groceries lol.

  4. Red, if you lived where I do and had the shopping possibilities I do, trust me you would LOVE grocery shopping of the TJ & WF variety!

  5. oh, YES, it was, Daisy, and I honestly didn't spend as much as it sounds. That makes it even better!

  6. Sounds like it was a wonderful day. Glad you had a good time and found most of what you were looking for.

  7. Caroline, yep, it really was a good day! Actually I brought home things I hadn't thought of before getting there. :D


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