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Sunday, December 21, 2008

May I Recommend....

I just watched a movie, and I'm just blown away. I nearly didn't watch it, but I couldn't find something else that appealed to me. It was rated well so I thought I'd watch it for a while and then switch to something else. Within minutes, the thought of watching anything else never entered my mind. And I began wondering why I had not seen this movie before. I'm sure that is because my late hub didn't like going to theaters, as he had trouble sitting still that long. So I saw movies when they came on TV, and frankly mostly those he wanted to see. At the time that this movie was released, I was working full time and going to school almost full time, and my free time was usually spent studying with earphones listening to Mozart or Chopin while the others watched TV. No wonder I missed it.

Places in The Heart. 1984. Sally Field, Ed Harris, John Malkovich, Danny Glover.
"This was a wonderful film which unfortunately I haven't seen for some years, so forget many of the subtleties. Sally Field is superb in the role of the Depression era Texas widow, Emma Spalding, and deserved her second Oscar which showed that yes, we really do like her. I always love this actress, who is especially compelling in the dramatic Norma Rae and charming in the romantic comedy, Murphy's Romance.

The film tells the tale of a good, kind, loving, and strong woman, the widow, Emma (who has been left with with two children to raise on her own) and the pair of disparate characters who help her to literally 'save the farm'...the black drifter, Moze, who plants her cotton, and the intriguing blind border, Mr. Will, that she is forced to take on to appease the nasty banker. Because of mortgage difficulties, Emma's farm and in fact, her life are always in the hands of the local bank manager. The unlikely bond between the trio (Emma, Moze, and Mr. Will) and their shared struggle is always the very heart of the film. There are, however, other local small town characters portrayed here, including a sub-plot revolving around a pair of married folk engaged in an adulterous affair...." from IMDb
"...the story of a Southern widow who tries to keep her farm together with the help of a blind man and an African-American man. It stars Sally Field, Lindsay Crouse, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, John Malkovich, Danny Glover, and Terry O'Quinn.

The movie was written and directed by Robert Benton, and filmed in the Dallas, Texas area, more precisely in Waxahachie, Texas.

It won Academy Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Field) and Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen. It was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Malkovich), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Crouse), Best Costume Design, Best Director and Best Picture.

In 1985, when Sally Field reached the podium to accept her second Oscar (the first was for Norma Rae), she uttered the memorable, much-mocked line, "I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!" It is often misremembered as, "You like me, you really like me!"from Wikipedia

Have you seen it? If not, get thee to Block Buster or Netflix and get it. I figure some of you are young enough you might not have seen it, so I won't spoil it. It is an excellent movie, the acting is superb, and the final scene took my breath away. And yanked tears from my eyes like my whole head was filled with water and just exploded.

OK, I love movies but don't get really excited about one all that often. This one got to me. Seriously, I totally understand why it won so many awards, and if you've not seen it, it is so worth it. See it.


  1. I have seen this movie Lyn and I agree, it is excellent. Have you ever seen "Music of the "Heart" with Meryl Streep? Another fav of mine. I also enjoyed "Ray" and "Johnny Cash" because the music was all so familiar. Another one is "Remember the Titans" - I have seen this several times. Just suggestions and I know you watch lots of movies and these might not appeal to you.


  2. Ruth, I've seen all those movies except "Ray." I don't remember that one, and yes, I enjoyed them. I think "Heart" and "Titans" are both on my Blockbuster list to see again. Good suggestions!

  3. Can I recommend the book and then the movie The Five People You Meet In Heaven. Its a great read and a good movie.

  4. Red, yes, I agree. I will read anything by Mitch Albom. I think they did an excellent job of making it into the movie, too. It's not always a good transition, but that one worked.

  5. I have never saw this movie which is surprising considering how much I LOVE Ed Harris! OMG! Definitely on my "list"!

  6. Oh, Patti, you HAVE to see this movie! And don't forget the last scene!


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