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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I have four inches of snow!!

And that's inside the house, stuck to the dogs!


There is about four inches outside, and inside there are thousands of little snowballs, carried in by the dogs, attached to their legs! I've thrown down some old towels, a comforter on the couch, and I'm just letting them have a ball!



The dogs absolutely love it! Well, Joey still isn't certain that he likes it enough to stay out a long time, but even he is fascinated. Sam, however, seems to be unable to stay out of it! It began early this morning when I woke a little before 6:00, rolled over and noticed that Sam was missing from my bed. I knew he had probably gone outside and was almost back to sleep, but it occurred to me that he wasn't back.

I got up to check on him, and discovered the snow. And Sam was totally cavorting in it! He saw me at the window in the back door and ran inside, completely covered snow! He had a complete covering of snow flakes on his back and head, as it was coming down hard. his legs and belly were a mass of snowballs, most of them about 1.5 inches in diameter. I got the hair dryer and a towel and began to thaw him out. He was shivering like crazy and loved the warm air. however, since then, I've given up, because he won't stay in! And he won't slow down for me to take a picture of him! But you can see a mild dose of "snowball fever" on Jazi in the pictures above.

People tend to think that since they are small, they are not likely to enjoy snow. Au contraire, mes amies!! These dogs came from China. They have heavy coats to protect them from the copious amounts of snow!
And Sammy is proving it, big time!

Here are a couple short videos of the fun!

Oh, Sam stood still .... well, make that almost .... enough for a photo a moment ago. And now? He's outside again!! It's gonna be a long, wet day!

Look at that mess!!! LOL!


  1. What a mess! Also what great fun they are having. With all the hair they are equipped to frolic in snow.

    When I took Lulu in to be groomed I saw a Shih Tzu being groomed. The owner had let the hair grow out and then started having trouble with "hair mats." She did not want the hair cut but it was so bad around the face and neck that she agreed to only cut off that part. The poor thing look terrible with her head and neck shaved and the rest was long.

  2. Pepper, I figure the mess is worth it, and seeing how much fun they are having is the clincher!

    That dog sounds pathetic! I can't imagine what that owner was thinking with the shaved head, furry body decision!! The thing about letting them grow out is that we owners must be diligent to keep them brushed. It's a health issues, because under those mats, they can develop sores! And if they are brushed regularly, it only takes a few minutes a day. Oh, well.

  3. I've never seen snow ball up like that on a dog, too funny! Then again, part of me is going..."oh, what a mess!"

  4. Kathi, most long-haired dogs do this. I talked with a neighbor today. He said he had an English Sheepdog and had that problem with him. It is a mess, but frankly I don't care because they are having SO much fun!

  5. Heheh-we watched the video the first time and the pups were barking at the computer!! it was funny.

    So, your dog door--does it come out of your house onto a platform? That's really cool. How far is the platform from the ground?

    Loved seeing them bound through the snow!

  6. Beans, I have to tell you about the video. It was Joey who was barking on the video, and he was inside the house. When I played it back here on my computer, Joey was listening, and he kept getting closer and closer to the screen, following the little figures as they romped, until he finally licked the screen!

    Noises in my house are very exciting. When the teapot whistles, the birds go crazy, singing at the top of their lungs! When the birds sing like that, the dogs run around looking for whatever, and sometimes they start barking! Who knew Tea was so stimulating???

    I live in an insane asylum at times!! LOL!!

  7. heheh--that's funny. I think the kids might have gotten closer if they could . . .

    We were watching animal cops tonight and they are funny when they hear things. Riley noticed a car alarm tonight and DID.NOT.LIKE.IT!

  8. Oh my gosh they are so cute. Boy does Sam love the snow. We got about 2 inches tonight and when I took Sophie for a walk she was soooo happy. I can't wait for her to have a yard again where she can run and roll in the snow freely.

  9. Caroline, I know Sophie misses being able to be loose to romp. I remember how she loved the snow at your house! Have you looked for a dog park where she can run free occasionally?

    Yeah, Sam surely does! I've had to block the dog doors for periods today because he goes out until he is completely "snowed in," and when I clean him off, dry him and warm him up, he goes out again and we start over! Arghh.

  10. Pepper and Bufford love the snow Pepper more so. It was 50 here today and all our snow is melted leaving a big muddy mess.

  11. Red, I'm not looking forward to that mud! We'll have it in a couple days. But it is supposed to storm again shortly after that. LOL! We'll have a REAL mess after that one!!

  12. That's a great idea about the park. Wayside Waifs has a dog park that is really nice. I will have to take her there this weekend.

  13. A cute but adorable mess!!!! I wish we'd get some snow. I'd love to see Maddie and Reilly in it!
    (the cats would bolt for the house)

  14. Ok...NOT FAIR!!!!!! We want snow!!!!

  15. Caroline,good! She will like it, I'm sure.

    Queenie, I remember the first time some of my cats saw snow and how they "tiptoed" through it at first, then acted almost like my dogs!

    Cheryl, want me to send you some? On dry ice, perhaps. :D

  16. So much fun. Sadie is not much of a snow dog.

  17. I don't know what I love more, getting to watch those dogs romping in the snow or getting to hear your voice for the first time! You sound as kind as your written voice, Lyn.

  18. MJ, I've had both kinds, snow lovers and snow shiverers!

    Oh, Catherine, thank you! I've posted videos with my voice before, but I guess you missed them. The Kids are sad that the snow is melting! Sam went out late afternoon, looked around and gave a huge sigh before turning around and coming back in!

  19. Oh my...are those snowballs stuck on him? WOW!!!

  20. Dawn, yes! It took forever to get him dry!


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