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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wicked Economics

I haven't blogged today. Not like me. No, there is nothing wrong, I just got busy.

This morning I cleared a few paths for me and the dogs. I knew it would melt soon, but I wanted to be sure we could get around the yard until then. Then I showered and ran into Ruidoso for a few errands. I had, had, had to have seed for the finches. As long as I was there, I also went to WalMart for some essentials that I can't get at the little market in Capitan. Also had a couple other stops, nothing exciting, but needing to be done. I realized I should have allowed time to have my tires checked at Big O, but I didn't, so I'll catch it another trip. I do need to get a good spare replacement so I don't get stuck somewhere.

By the time I got home, yep, most of the snow had melted, except for the front steps which I didn't clean! LOL!

On the way into town, I stopped to get my mail, and a neighbor was at the mailbox pull-off. He had met a car-hauler there to turn in his company car. He was victim of the economy a couple weeks ago as his company has cut this and cut that, raised quotas, and finally is laying people off. He has been there for a long time and says they will actually be OK, because he is getting a generous severage package, but he is fighting one thing, the continuation of his insurance. He is the husband of my friend Madeleine who lost most of her eyesight, so obviously, they need their insurance to remain continuous for a significant period of time.

And just before I left the house, I had a call from step-son, Allan, with similar news. He and his business partner are closing the real estate office they opened in February. The business will remain open, but moving to a small space on the home property of his partner. The business is simply so slow that they are losing their shirts in the offices they are in now. Allan has decided that it is necessary that he find a "regular" job until the economy changes, perhaps a couple years.

I'm telling you, it is hitting everywhere and everyone. I told Madeleine's hub that the good thing is my income is steady and not likely to go away (retirement), and the bad news is that my income doesn't allow for change. Well, unless I want to shorten my future, drawing a larger amount each month. But we both agree that we will be OK, and that old adage holds true .... when god closes a door, he opens a window.

What changes have you seen or experienced thanks to this wild economy?


  1. Nothing changes in my day-to-day living. Hubby is retired from the Federal Government and nothing in our pension decreases...we have great medical and dental coverage as well as 40 days complete coverage out of the country. So going to Fla for 5 weeks doesnt affect out insurance at all. We are extremely fortunate, and just deal with the increase in food, gas, utilities, etc. Many here are experiencing the same problems as your friends, family etc. I hope for all concerned there is a light at the end of the tunnel.....what happened to the land of opportunity?


  2. It's scary economic times. I hope I keep my job and those I know keep theirs.

  3. Back in September, I had put my condo on the market to test the waters. As of today, there have been no bites. NONE. So luckily I don't HAVE to sell. Otherwise, I guess I'm like everybody else... trying to make due with more expensive groceries and utilities, etc. Thank goodness the price of gas came down!

  4. Ruth, you are a very lucky lady! I think the land of opportunity has become the land of opportunism. Sadly.

    MJ, yes, good luck to you and everyone.

    Catherine, yes, we are all in that boat. I'm glad gas prices are coming down, but in my case, I can staty home and not use excessive gas. I can't quit eating or using the heat! Well I guess I could stand to cut down of food, but .....

  5. alot more uninsured people...i work at a psych hospital...less people coming in voluntarily because they don't want to get a bill they can't pay.

  6. Well, my retirement fund is dwindling--good think I am young and svelte and won't need it for a good long while.

    I am also moving to a new job (thank goodness for that)due to my grant funded position not getting refunded . . . :(

    Kinds scary times . . .I must remember to be thankful for what I have right now. It is easy to forget.

  7. I'm just feeling so blessed to have my job and good insurance right now. I don't know what I would do! Yet, I do notice that things are a lot tighter around here and we are not saving as much as we use to. We also have so many loved ones hurting, a few actually asking to borrow money. it is so hard to say no, but we can't borrow to lend. Does that make sense? I know for the first time in a long time I will be on a strict budget for Christmas. I'm sticking to it closely too. Normally, I don't need to do that.
    Then, I have more and more people at work, calling me asking for help. It just stinks, cause I can't help like I use to. The agencies that use to help, are just overwhelmed.

    Just taking it day by day.

  8. I am making more money then I ever have and I am struggling more then ever. Everything is so expensive. It is nice that gas has come down, but everything else seems to be so expensive and it seems like the prices just keep going up and up. When I go get my weekly groceries I am shocked when I spend $50 and come out of there with maybe 3 bags.

    In the last couple of months I have been trying to change the way I think of this economy. Instead of being upset with it I am kind of looking at it like a challenge.

  9. Hubby is home tonight no work will probably be laid off after christmas I am giving up phone and internet for the time being this ecomony sucks. And of course my SSI will get cut cause unemployment is unearned income. Lets hope it turns around

  10. (M)ary, I'm one of the uninsured. I had to drop my ins. a year ago as the cost just kept rising. And as you say, that leads to avoiding health care. Not a good trend.

    Beans, my financial adviser said that my kids (people like yourself) are young enough to recover. Since I depend on mine *now* I will have more trouble. Thank goodness you youngsters are all young and svelte!

    Yes, times are scary, but I daily consider how much worse I could have it.

    Cheryl, one thing that we can say is that we are all in this together. A good thing?? I don't know about that, but at least we know we are not alone; everyone is struggling. Day by day is the only way to make it, I think.

    Caroline, I understand that. What I thought was a "moderate, comfortable retirement" two years ago has become a tight, no-frills existence. Funny you should mention $50/wk groceries. Yesterday I realized I'm spending about $200-250/mo on it and wondered how one person could eat that much; 2 of us used to eat on that, and not that long ago.

    I agree about the challenge idea. I'm looking for ways to make it work, and ways to make it not just tolerable, but a comfortable state of living. Attitude adjustment, I guess. I refuse to let it get me down.

    Red, I'm sorry to hear that. I know that like me, you are limited in your possibilities. Good luck with it all. Yes, let's hope for a turn around.

  11. Well other than the stress of will I/won't I have a job nothing has really affected me.. yet. Feeling very fortunate in the face of your family/friends trials. I really hope Madeleine's husband gets to keep his insurance! Best to Allan as well.


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