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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some Good News

Do you remember the little twin stags that frequented my property? I've one of them several times recently, and unfortunately without my camera at hand. So these pictures are of the "boys" back in September, not a recent one. The good news is that the one I've seen has a lady in his life! he is always with a youngish looking doe. I suppose it could be that he is still hanging with his mom, but I don't think so. This pretty lady looks younger than his mom did. and my guess is that she is off gestating a new baby for the spring.

How extremely cool is that?

I'll get new pictures when I can.


  1. Thats extremely cool I would say....


  2. Very cool. We have a a doe with twins but I have seen them in about a month. It's cool to know that they are in your back yard.

  3. Ruth, I'm hoping that they stay close and in a year or so, I will see a 3rd generation on my land. That would be even more cool!

    MJ, it seems to me that through the winter I didn't see my deer family as often, but they came back in the spring. I hope you have the same luck!

  4. I think they'll hang around...they already look pretty comfortable.
    Do you have deer hunting there? My dad has deer on his property and hunters knock on his door to ask if they can hunt on his land. I wish I were there to give the hunters a piece of my would probably not let me answer the door.

  5. Julie, there is seasonal hunting, not where I live, but on some of the other forested lands in the area. I'm in a "subdivision" with tracts from 1 acre to 25. We are close to national forest land, about 5-10 miles, I think, and I honestly think some of the deer and elk are smart to hang out with us during hunting season. My own tract is too small for hunting, thank goodness, but if someone were to come to my door as you describe, I'd have a fit all over them!!

  6. Beans, how did I miss you? Sheesh! YES!!

  7. OH MY! What large ears they have! What kind of deer has ears like that??

  8. Sandra, mule deer, of course!!!


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