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Friday, December 26, 2008

Some Times You (Surprisingly) Get What You Ask For

Well, Big Brother is out there. Remember a couple weeks ago when I was complaining about my DSL provider and its service? Zap-Zam!! A couple days ago I got an email about it!! I'm serious!! I thought it might be a joke, because anyone could get my email address from this blog. The email said that "Jon" would like to know more about my issues with Windstream. Huh??? I could reply from my email at W so they could locate my account or call a number in OH. The company is headquarters in AR. Wha...??

So I emailed back stating that this seemed strange to me and asking how he got this email address. Well, the customer relations department were searching blogs for comments about the company and he came up with my blog post where I, uh, er, expressed strong emotions about frequent outages. So I sent them a full explanation of my frustrations. I got two phone calls thanking me, saying they were looking into why there are so many weather related outages, and even thanking me for the information as they are trying to correct problems.

And this morning, a lineman was here checking all my connections, etc., and filled me in that they are laying fiberoptic cables underground in this area over the last couple weeks. This should help decrease the outages. Huzzah!!!!

So I'm impressed that they are actually working on it! In their defense, they inherited this area from another company that apparently was a.w.f.u.l. It was before my time here. Anyway, I'm guessing they are cleaning up the old debacles of the other company. I'll give them a fair chance at replacing old equipment and changing many things to improve service. I must say that when there have been problems, like when the county road graders cut my line .... TWO TIMES!! .... they were out here pretty quickly to fix it. so I've granted a reprieve on my blasting of the company. I'll be nice unless there is reason to be otherwise.

See? Sometimes the surprises in life are good ones!


  1. I am very impressed and so happy that they are helping resolve your issues.

    Could you write a post about Verizon (dropped calls) and At&T (work internet)?? :)

  2. LOL! Want me to send you a copy of the email?

    I never have trouble with dropped calls on Verizon except where it is a blocked reception issue, like in the mountains.

  3. Good for you I agree with Caroline though verizon does drop a lot of calls.

  4. I have heard other bloggers say the same thing. When they express their concerns in their blogs about products/a company, they are often contacted. It seems like a very nice, unexpected pleasure. So glad they responded and are addressing the problem. I love when companies take responsibility for poor service. Good for you!

  5. Gee, Verizon has always been the best around here - I've had pals with Sprint, ATT etc use my phone when their calls were dropped. Maybe it's an area thing, but I love them.
    It's scary but cool the way this service call worked, eh?

  6. Red, I had problems in KC, but only at my home. I lived in a very low spot and the reception was bad. I've always had good luck with Verizon just about everywhere I've been across the US. ???

    Cheryl, it really startled me! Then I was embarrassed, next I was really glad! Yes, with so many acting like they don't care, it is very nice to have a prompt and seemingly positive response!

    Julie,, I'm with you! When my daughter lived in your area,on the shores of Lake Lanier, they had lots of problems with Sprint; they moved to FL, and had problems with sprint; when they traveled, they had problems, too. After changing to V, they've had good experiences. And around here, V is the only one with decent reception in the mountains. Yes, I love it when a company shows responsibility and concern.

  7. Well... the big brother concept is kind of creepy but I suppose it's more common than one thinks.. which is why i'm very careful not to mention Crying Cow or the one who bought it by name!

  8. I know what you mean about CC and I would be careful under those circumstances, but I never thought of this! It's all good in the end, however.

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