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Friday, December 26, 2008

Wanna Guess?? Yep, Dogs!

Yesterday I was on the couch watching a movie, and Max was on the back of the couch with his chin on my shoulder. I got up for something, and he slid between the cushion and the back of the couch.

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Clearly, he was too comfortable to waste much effort!

Then tonight I was sitting here reading blogs, and Sam ran into the living room and clear as day he said "Hey, Mom! Guess what???" And I said, "What?" He said, "Well, just look at me!!" When I looked, here is what I saw!

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lynilu/SNOW/My SnowSam

I knew it was spitting a little snow earlier, but I had no idea it was continuing! I have about 3 inches, perhaps nearly 4. The kids love to play in the snow, especially Sammy. He was born to be in the snow, I think!

The surprises around here never end!


  1. This weather is crazy. One day we are in a blizzard the next day its 60 and raining. I have a very bad sore throat and cold from playing retrieve the beagle (pepper rubbed off on him). I dont like winter but I wish it would just be cold and freeze Lake Erie over already so the snow will stop.

  2. We've been relatively steady recently, cool to cold, lots of wind, and then this snow was a bit of a surprise! But I love it! I agree, thought, that I would not like the amount and kind of snow you get.

  3. Patti, I wallow is cute every day!!


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