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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Her name is Lolita, and she is seven months old. She was relinquished by a military family who was being transferred (overseas, I think), and could not take her. She is a Shih Tzu mix, I think the "mix" is some sort of Terrier. Her size and shape is Shih Tzu, as is her coloring. Her little face is a mixture, but more Terrier than Shih Tzu. She is adorable, and looks like she is smiling all the time! Linda went with me to pick her up, and she agreed with me that it looks like Westie. Sandra mentioned that she looks like Benji, and in person, absolutely!!

She was in the same town that Max came from, a little over three hours away from here. After picking her up, we started driving home, and she had a little period of nervousness, wandering around the car and panting nervously. then shesettled down and was reasonably calm for the remainder of the trip. She was comfortable with Linda, but she navigated to me a lot, and by the time we were home, she clearly knew who her new mommy is.

The first few minutes in the house was utter chaos! All four the "old" guys were clammouring to get to her. She was scared for a bit, then she began to sniff them and bounce around them. At this time, everyone is getting along very well.

There is one small problem. Instead of having her spayed there, I'm having my own vet do it. He is giving me a huge discount because of the rescues. The plan was to let her settle in for a couple weeks and allow her to know this is home before the surgery. But guess what? Today she came into heat!! I'll talk to the doc on Monday and see what he thinks. I'm leaning toward having her done sooner because, while he no longer has the "equipment," Sam hasn't forgotten what he is supposed to do when a lady has that special perfume on!! He's going to drive both Lolita and me up the wall!

I'll have more pix soon. Just too tired tonight. Tired, but happy!

As we got just five miles or so from the house, there was the most beautiful sunset.

Beautiful end to a beautifl day!

Life is beautiful!!!!



  1. Thank you Lyn...she is just too darned cute for words!

  2. I am still looking and trying to adopt a companion. We started looking in the Phoenix area. The rescues in Tucson are rigid.

    I just love her face. She is adorable. I am glad to hear she is fitting in and all of her new siblings have taken a liking to her.

    Again Congrats!

  3. Ruth, she is a cutie pie! And she is really sweet natured!

    Pepper, I wish you were close to TX now, because that cute little Fancie, ShiChi that I pointed out to you, is still up for adoption. I think most of the rescue groups are fairly tight in an attempt to be sure the babies go to safe homes. However, this group and the one in OK where I got Joey & Jazi were willing to forego the home visit because of distance. They settled for a couple pictures of the home and the yard. I still think Las Cruces or El Paso are good bets for you. I hope you find another little companion. :)

    Yes, Lolita is a sweetie. So far, so good on the adjustment. Let's hope it continues.

  4. Wow I missed Carolines big annoucement today and yours ( I know this happens when you play wii) Ummmmm would you like pepper LOL, She is a cutie. I am glad pepper is spayed

  5. Woo Hoo! Congratulations! What a happy little dog hotel you have.-:)

  6. You DO look happy! Two beautiful girls in that pic! Congratulations she is so very lucky to be in your home!

    Wow that looks like it is on FIRE! I have heard it said before but never actually "saw" it! Amazing!

  7. Bonnie, you're such a slacker!!! LOL!! And thanks, but no, you can keep Pepper! :D

    Julie, it seems to be a happy one, for sure. They are all getting to know each other with little angst. I think it is going to be just fine! Thanks!

    Queenie, oh, yes, I'm very happy to have her with us. I knew I wanted her anyway, but when we pulled up and I saw her, I was a goner! Thanks!

    I haven't seen one that fiery in a while, and I just had to stop a moment to take a few shots. 20 minutes earlier the sun behind the clouds was creating a blindingly brilliant edge to the dark clouds, but I was in a canyon with no place to pull off to take a picture. Then it just looked like a fairly regular sunset for a while before the amazing glow popped out. Spell-binding!

  8. I love that picture of you and Lola. You look so happy and so does she.

    S and I were looking at these pictures last night and we both said that the sunset looked like a fire. Very cool.

  9. Caroline, thanks. I was elated; She was pretty confused at that time, but she snuggled with me very well, as if she knew it would be OK.

    Yeah, the sky was amazing and it looked as if a giant forest fire was over the hill. Took my breath away!

  10. Ok, now you and that new kid of yours are just too cute! :-)

    LOVE the sunset pix.

  11. Thanks, Dawn. And thanks again!

  12. I hate to use any deity's name in vain, but JESUS these are beautiful pictures!!! You truly have a gift.

    Congrats on Lolita!!

  13. I know! I was astounded with it. It honestly looked like a serious,m huge wild fire was on the other side of the mountain!

    And thanks!

  14. Oh, I HAVE to catch up!! You look like you could just crack from excitement! Congrats on your new baby--and your new found INSANITY!!

  15. EEbahdah, eebahdah, eebaddah .... what do you mean by "insanity? Me? Ya think? ;D OK, insane, but very happy!

  16. I love the picture of you and Lolita!!

    And the sunset pictures? Gorgeous! The clouds look on fire!

  17. Thanks, Jen, I like it, too, obviously! The sunset was truly something surreal!


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