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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lolita. Again! What else??

She's adjusting. She is meeting the other pups, and there have been no problems at all. She is a very friendly and sweet natured baby. A couple times one of the boys has been a little rough, and she lets them know with a little growl, but that's the end of it.

Lolita is learning to use the dog door. She doesn't have it down pat yet, but she is working on it. I still have to lift the flap a bit, then she will stick her nose through and go right out or in, as the case may be. She doesn't like putting her nose/face on the flap, but she is close. She understand that it is her connection to the outside, and she loves the outside. She wanders the back yard, sniffing and checking everything out. (**Just about the time I finished writing this, she wanted out, so I lifted the flap, and she went right out. A couple of the boys followed her, but they came right back in. I looked out the window to see where where was, and I didn't see her. I felt little gentle paws on my leg, and guess what? She had come back in with the boys!!) On the deck, she is about the same way. Every time she goes to the back yard, she potties .... YAY!!! We had two accidents inside last night, but I rather expected it as part of the adjustment process. Today has been perfect.

There are some pictures down the page to give you a good look at Little Missy. She definitely has a non Shih Tzu face! You can see in some of the pictures that her nose is the longest in the house! It isn't a Collie muzzle, but it is longer even than Max's, the previous record holder. Heck, my nose is a pug nose, too .... or perhaps I should be saying a Shih Tzu nose these days! I guess I need to lead Max and Lola into the wall a few times so they will match the rest of us flat-faces!

Lolita has turned out to be a polite little girl. She loves to be on the couch with me and the others, but she doesn't hop up uninvited! No, I have to tell her it is OK and pat the cushion first. Is that sweet, or what? I'll bet she will get over it! She nestled right in on the bed last night, making herself right at home among the masses of furry bodies. Oh, and mine, too, not terribly furry.

I love one little trait she has. When I walk into a room, she stands on her back feet with her little paws upstretched, much like a little toddler asking to be picked up. If I don't immediately pick her up, she stays on the back feet, bouncing around till I either pick her up or reach down and touch her little paws playfully. Max does the same thing at times, but his action is more like he is trying to get attention or saying hello, rather than wanting picked up. They are both adorable when they do it. I am thrilled that Lil Lolita is responding so openly like this and so quickly.

Her appetite is good. She doesn't over-eat at all, but she has had no hesitation with joining the others. Fortunately, my kids are all on Hill's Science Diet J/D (joint formula), and it is loaded with everything a growing puppy needs, a well as the fish oils that are good for the joints and a healthy, shiny coat. Of course, their breath stinks of fish oil, but That's a small price for healthy babies. Anyway, she has taken right to it, and is eating it very well. I don't have to worry about two diets for the dogs in my house!

Alright, for now that is enough. Enjoy the pictures!

**** Click on the picture below to see more pictures ****

lynilu/Lolita and Friends

PS @ 1:30 PM - Since I wrote that post, Lolita has learned to navigate the dog door without a problem. She is running in and out just like the others! Not only that, but when Max begged me for ice a few minutes ago, I put down a bowl of cubes for the kids, and Lolita joined in, relishing the unimaginable joy of cold, tasteless frozen water!!! The champagne of dogs, you know!!



  1. She is a cutie. Great pictures I am glad they are adjusting to each other.

  2. Bobbie, thanks. Yeah, I'm glad, too. They are a cool little bunch!

  3. I love her face!!! What a sweetie. I am so glad that she found you (because you know all dogs find their owners) and that she is adjusting so well.

    You really do have a blessed life.

  4. What great pictures. Such a cute little one. I'm glad she has blended in with the crew.

  5. Caroline, She is a sweetie, for sure. She is certainly at home, and maybe she did pick it herself! I'm awfully glad she did. Yes, I am blessed in so many ways. :)

    MJ, thanks. I'm so happy to have her with us.

  6. I love her! OMG! So glad she is adjusting so well and already bringing joy to your household!

  7. Patti, she is doing so well. Occasionally her "puppiness" irritates someone but they've been doing well of telling her without real trouble. All as it should be. :)

  8. Sandra, so do I. And her color is really cool, too. It is just a drop or two of red coloring short of being strawberry blond! I had another one that color, Ali's son Dandy. He also had liver colored lips and nose and amber colored eyes. He was a gorgeous dog, and "Dandy" really did fit him!


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