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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble....

My afternoon turned into an interesting one. I went into town to put gas in the car because it was so low I couldn't make many more trips to the mail box and still make it to town for the gas. I took Jazi with me and left the boys home. I'm trying to gradually socialize The Kids by taking them one at a time on little excursions. I hope they can become comfortable with public places and people. Later I will take two at a time, and eventually I will be able to take all four without major stress for us all.

I stopped and had coffee with the coffee guru and visited for a while before heading home. Jazi did beautifully, of course. She and Joey have some better social skills than Max and Sam. I could probably take them together now without a problem. Sam and Joe definitely need solo excursions for a while, but we will get there in time.

I ran into the library to return a couple audio books and checked out a new one. Jazi waited in the car, and when I came back she was curled up quietly waiting for me. I wasn't gone but perhaps 10 minutes, but it is the first time I tried leaving her in the car like that, and it worked well.

Another stop at Allan's to pick up some mail that came to his address. I don't know why it is some places/people can't seem to get my new address in their records! I've dutifully notified everyone, but a small number just can't get it done. Oh well. It gives Allan and I a chance to visit a little, so certainly not a lost cause. Then I started home again.

Jazi was worn out from the socializing, and she curled up beside me and snoozed all the way home. She is such an easy little dog. When we got home, the boys were SO excited to see us! You'd think we'd been gone for a week rather than a couple hours!

I noticed the message light was blinking on the answering machine, but before I could get my greetings with the boys out of the way and then check the message, the phone rang. I picked it up and it was a friend who asked in a tight voice if she could come over. I said sure, and she asked if she could stay all night. Of course. She and I had discussed in the past that she might need to to that at some point because things sometimes get heated with her husband, and a cooling off would be good for them both. Add to the mix, her (physically) adult stepdaughter is here for a visit, and this is increasing the tension in the house. I wasn't surprised.

So she came over, we had a couple glasses of wine, and since I hadn't planned dinner for myself, I decided to make my seafood pasta. It really hit the spot, and I love it because it is quick and easy. We talked and relaxed, and it was a nice evening. She is OK, just frustrated with the hub and dau who are very much alike and wind up in a scream fest over any little thing. The immature woman-child is supposed to leave tomorrow, and hopefully, things will settle down.

What is it about some people that thrive on drama? We all know someone who is an adrenaline junkie, don't we? My late husband was one. It was almost as if he couldn't stand it if things were going right. When things were going smoothly, it seemed to get under his skin, and next thing you'd know, there was some sort of unrest. My friend's stepdaughter is like that, but even worse, with her immaturity adding to the frey. Her husband can be difficult, but isn't usually too bad. When the two of them are together .... arghhh. Like I said, I just done't get it. Why do people prefer uproar and unrest to peace and tranquility in the home? Y'all are smart; 'splain it to me, please!!!


  1. I have a drama king in my family. It drives me freaking crazy. 50% of the time it is of his own creation and the other 50% is divided up among his two ex wives. He thrives on drama, I don't know why - I prefer peace and quiet. I suggested he start an anonymous blog because he would keep a lot of people entertained.

    I am curious about all of your puppies. What did you have to do to acquire them? Lulu loves other dogs and I decided to find her a companion. I gave this a lot of thought because I am opening my door and heart to another small, yappy dog. I checked out all of the shelters in Tucson and I absolutely refuse to let them do a homestudy on me. I can understand the paperwork and the fee but I do not understand why they have to come to my home and check it out. There are a couple that will do follow ups for a year. Which means they can show up, unexpectedly, and check out my living conditions again. Needless to say we went to the pound and checked out the dogs there. That is just a place for big dogs. We half way gave up looking.

  2. I am sorry that your friend is having to go through that. Boy do I know about people that live for drama...I lived with one for 3 years. Then there is my family....I love that I am finally with someone that does not like drama and enjoys the quiet days.

    You are such a good friend for opening your house at the last minute.

    Oh and your pasta dish....You have to promise me that you will make that when I come visit.

  3. Drama- I will never ever understand. I like peace and quiet and harmony in my household!!!!!

    So glad you had a good time with sweet Jazi! What a little darling!

  4. IE, I'm chuckling and wondering if your drama king started a blog?

    About the puppies, I'm going to sent you an email, rather than go into the explanation here. I will say that I've looked at AZ dogs (online) and I've thought their adoption process seemed unnecessarily convoluted, lengthy and expensive. You may want to look out of state. I'll fill you in, OK?

    Caroline, I hate that it was necessary that she has to leave her own home and sanctuary. Yes, I know you do understand. It wasn't a problem for me, and she was able to relax and let the bad stuff go. And I promise I'm make the seafood pasta for you when you get here!! It's a winner, isn't it? :D

    Patti, you and me, too! I put up with drama for 30 years, and I want to be done with it for the next 30!!!

    That Jaz is a keeper, fer sher!

  5. I wish I knew the answer. My ex was like that. Seemed he wasn't hapy until everyone else was unhappy. Youngest daughter has inherited some of his traits and I just pray she keeps a handle on those issues.

    I am forever grateful for Man in my life.

  6. Daisy, it just makes no sense, does it? All that energy spent on nothing! I'm glad Man is with you, too! :)


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