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Friday, January 09, 2009

I don' wanna, you can't make me!!!

It is official.

Today's mail confirmed it.

I'm old. sigh.

Oh, NO, I am not!!!!!!!! I may be old enough for Medicare in three months, but I refuse to be O.L.D!!!!!!!! It ain't happenin'!!!!

Jus' sayin'.

~ ~ ~ ~


  1. How dare they send that to you... You don't look a day over 21.

  2. Have I told you lately that I like your site? Laugh, cry, feel mellow, enjoy life. Reminders - all of value.

  3. Well, Caroline, maybe 1 or 2 days, but that's ALL! LOL!

    Robert!!! Good to hear from you! And thanks. :) I haven't been commenting at your place lately, either, but I still visit and enjoy!

  4. Have you been on a commenting boycott??? I haven't seen you comment at my blog in a few days. I know that sometimes I get in the mood to just read and not comment.

  5. The nerve! BTW do you have free medicare when you reach a "certain" age? Does every American receive the same benefits?

    I always hear criticism about your health care and many people wish they had mine instead. Whats the scoop?

    Ralph Nader loves the Canadian system LOL

  6. What is that saying I will wear purple and red or something like that. I say embrace the somewhat oldness. Although I am one to talk already making plans to cover the grey the kids are giving me.

  7. Caroline, no, absolutely not. I've just had several busy days, so I'm hopping around, reading, occasionally commenting. I've actually managed to read everyone's blogs, I think. Well, until today which has been just nutz!

    Ruth, everyone at age 65 is eligible for the basic coverage. Then if you want you can add some other levels of benefits by paying additional premiums. Also, if your income is over a specific amount, I think it is $82,000, you do pay a small premium.

    IMO, our health care system is strange. Pre-medicare, it is largely controlled by HMOs, and while the care itself may be good, a lot of pressure is put on docs to see XX patients per day. Therefore, docs either cut their patients short on time, or work very long hours.

    I've heard generally good things about your system in Canada. The only complaint I've heard was 15 years ago when I worked with a Canadian family here in the US for a few months, and they were frustrated about how long it took to get an appointment with a mental-health practioner. Honestly, I don't know what is best, but I can tell you it has been a scary couple years for me without being able to cover the ever rising premiums, so doing without insurance altogether. When my premium reached something over $600 per month, I just couldn't do it. I've done minimal medical since then, so I'm delighted to have insurance again soon!

    Bobbie, I love that poem!

    "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
    With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me."

    I've always embraced my age, whatever it is, and I'm OK with it. The trick is to live every day fully, regardless of the age!!

  8. oh. you are as young as you feel! or, no wait, i think we are all younger than we feel, given all the creaky bones and such.

  9. I filled out my AARP application... woo hoo I will get discounts!!!!!

    You are never to old or to young.

  10. you could just be celebrating the 60th anniversary of your 5th birthday?

    it's not so bad being old . . .my dad get's great discounts at the store, and even free coffee? what more could you want?

  11. Look at that, the government wants to give you something when you are "age challenged", why don't they want to give those kind of things to us "young ones". Hahaha

  12. Anon, age is a state of mind, I think. It has little to do with the bodily condition or grey hair, etc. Yes, at times, I feel old with the aches and pains, but I don't THINK old!

    Pepper, YAY discounts!!! And I agree, we are what we are, and it is just right!

    Hey, Beanie-baby, that might work! But, as I said, aging really isn't a biggie to me. I like who I am, where I am, and how my life is unfolding! yes, what more could a person want?

    MJ, uhhhh, well, I'll wait till you're this age and ask you that question! LOL!. You'll get it by then!

    MM-MM, see there??? You got it! :D

  13. Reading through your blogs here, I had to chuckle at this one. My grandmother has been putting aside money for when "she's old." She's still putting it away and she's 97 years old. Now there's serious talk about putting her into assisted living, but she's balking at spending the money. My dad says, "You said you were putting this money away for your old age. Well . . . you're there."

    Just goes to show you that age is relative.

  14. Dave, I'll probably be like your gramma, although I had talked with my kids about leaving me where I am until they know I can't stay alone. At that pont, they need to just grit their teeth, and drag me out kicking and screaming!

    Yeah, age is relative .... depending on which relative is involved!! LOL!

  15. No, you will never be "old". Not to me!


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