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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I trimmed the furry faces at my house, and I wanted some pictures. I took 49 pictures, and got nearly nothing!! Those little goobers were twisting and dodging all over the place! What you see here is the creeam of the crop. Such as it is!

Joey just looked away as I snapped this one.

So did Max.

Jazi sat still, but her tongue wouldn't stay in her mouth!


Sammy was still, too, but he kept closing his eyes.

Finally Jaz said, with a bit of attitude, oh, O....K....
Doesn't she look irritated? LOL!

And the Joe looked right into the lens!

And Sam said, well if everyone is going to be good....

And Max just smiled! Or is that a smirk?

What a pain to get these guys to cooperate!!!



  1. Aww so cute. Can I dognap them.

  2. The last couple of pics didn't show for me. I love the tongue pictures, lol! Good shots.

  3. Aren't they just typical kids, but so darn cute. And I loved the captions too! LOL

  4. Bobbie, thanks, but not if you want to walk away!!!

    Kathi, oh, shoot! The last one is a hoot!The tongue .... she isn't a bad "licker," but right then, that tongue was all over her own face!

    Ruth, oh, yes they are! Thanks!

  5. Soooooooo cute. I love the last one of Max. It really does look like he is smiling.

    When I come visit it is going to be really hard not to sneak one in my bag.

  6. Caroline, the last picture of Max "smiling" .... I was scratching his neck, and I swear his eyes were just about to roll back into his head!

    Uh, I DON'T think so! We'll put air back into your tires AFTER I secure all my babies inside the house!!!

  7. Oh my are so funny. I guess you got me because I have no idea how to put air in my tires. I are shocked right? I swear everytime I am with S she is even more shocked at what I don't know how to do.

  8. Ahhh poor babies.

    I usually sneak up on Lulu. The hair on her face and head mats really bad. That is why the hair on her head is kind of choppy but that adds to her charm.

  9. It's like shooting kids, snap a hundred to get just a few! LOL! You've lots of cute "mops" there!

  10. Caroline, oh, that's right! I only have to let the air out of 1 tire to stop you!! LOL!! That saves me a lot of time!

    Pepper, it does add to her charm! I thought it just grew that way, and I love it!

    Seamus, isn't that the truth? Kids or pets, they will do what they will do!! And thanks, I'm really happy with my crew. :)

  11. Oh, I LOVE those pictures! They are SOOO cute! Love the tongue sticking out pictures...

  12. Dawn, thanks! That tongue is sumptin' isn't it!!

    Jen, just wait till they get a bath!! :D

  13. Very cute. Sadie is a little grandious and loves to have her picture taken. I'm sure the kids are so much fun.

  14. MJ, it is a challenge because they wiggle and turn their heads at every sound .... and every non-sound, too!

  15. I just want to smoosh them and kiss their sweet little faces!!!

    Reilly needs a groom so.very.bad.

  16. Oh, they need a professional grooming, too, but I'm trying to ese through till I get them cut short, maybe March. Don't know if I, or they, can wait that long!


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