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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Treasures

You know how it is. You buy your child a hundred toys. He plays with them a while, tires of the toys, and climbs inside one of the boxes, spending hours on end in the greatest expression of imagination you've ever seen. And you wonder if you could just buy a couple cardboard boxes, saving time and money.

It's like that at my house, too, but with a little twist.

I paid some bills and sorted mail earlier today, and while doing that I tossed envelopes and inserts onto the floor. After about an hour of that I had quite a pile. I picked it up and threw it out. I did not realize that the kids had secretly stolen a few of the papers while I wasn't looking. Most of them were on the deck, as I later learned.

But before I found that out, I couldn't figure out what they were doing. I kept noticing that every now and then, one of them walked around with a little piece of paper in his/her mouth, and the others would try to steal it away! At one time, three had paper clinched in their jaws and the 4th was trying to steal them, almost appearing like kids playing tag, running first after one and then after another. They were having a great time, but I didn't figure it out till I followed them to the deck.

I picked up the papers on the deck and tossed them in the trash. I thought I had all the pieces of paper picked up, and then......

Max came trotting in with an almost full envelope in his mouth!

I love how he holds it with his paws and tears with his mouth.

He drops a torn shred, and one of the others grabs it.

"MOM! They're stealing my toys!!"

Cardboard boxes and AARP envelopes .... treasures of this world, for sure!!! If only we could all enjoy such simplicity to make our lives whole!

Life is beautiful!!!!



  1. very cute story, I can see it all happening.

  2. So darn cute.....I'm glad they were empty envelopes and not something containing a cheque....Imagine trying to explain that........the kids chewed it up!

  3. When you post these pictures and stories I have to cover Bellas eyes....she wants to learn these tricks too LOL

  4. Ruth, believe it or not, I've come close to having to make that explanation in the past!

    Max says to tell Bella not to worry, he will tell her all the tricks when you're not looking!

  5. Pepper loves tissues. She tore up a brand new box. The kittens are finally playing with the cat center since the tree is no longer up the big cats are playing with the center also. And Marvin has found a one cat home where she will be adored the shelter called me this afternoon.

  6. Bobbie, I'm very glad to hear that Marvin is in a good home! that is excellent news!! YAY!!

  7. All of mine do that too, but the cats are the worst. At night they somehow manage to get the stopper out of one of my sinks EVERY night, and one night they knocked it out of the sink...then one of the dogs chewed up the plastic part to where it won't go back into the sink! They're all in cahoots (?). The cat's also qtips, find them all over the house. I've had to put them up on a tall shelf and behind a mirror, but somehow, maybe standing on one another's shoulders, they still get them! Darned animals, love every one of my 7.

  8. Kathi, don't they make life fun? I get aggravated at times, but i love that they entertain me so well.

  9. I wish I could have as much fun with an envelope as they do!!!!

  10. No shiloski! Life for them is so simple. It would be SO nice!!


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