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Friday, February 20, 2009

A Little Fun for Friday


Awwwwright!!!! It's Friday! The week is over. Well, it will be as soon as you clock out this evening. I just got this in an email a day or so ago, and I thought it would be fun to have you look at this. It is called "Your Week in Three Words." Watch it, have a chuckle, then in the comments, tell us about your week in three words!

My week in three words .... Sleeping like crazy!!!



  1. Oh, I like this. My three words..

    Very Long Week.

  2. Need a vacation......


  3. My week in three words Evil Lake Erie. I am sorry you couldnt get your box very few people who deal with the public at least this week have lost what manners they have lol. I have the same problem with hot flashes I wonder if it could be the flexerall.

  4. my three words.....Loving Fla sun.

    Havent been here much but I AM keeping up to date with your life.

  5. How cute!

    My 3 words...

    Ready for warmth!

    It's just been too stinkin cold here.

    Oh, and how bout "I needa vacation" that's 3 words, right? LOL

  6. That was really funny! My three words:

    Yes I Can (get motivated to exercise that is...)

  7. What fun! My upcoming week in 3 words:

    anything is possible


  8. I'm afraid I mirror Caroline most weeks!

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