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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random & Odd

Random: I guess I'm not as bad with my internet addiction as I thought. At least I haven't gone this far. LOL!

Odd: I'm having hot flashes. At my age, I guess it isn't unusual, but I thought those were over and done. They seem to have crept back in. Six months ago I was having a 15-20 second hot flash a few times a week. Recently I'm having them a few times a day. What's with that? Does menopause have a rewind/replay button? If so, apparently I hit mine without knowing it.

Random: I've decided that I must resign myself to vacuuming every day. With 20 little pitter-paws running in and out all day long, too much is being tracked in to go with the twice a week schedule. So dusting three times a week and vacuuming daily is my task. Gah.

Odd: Have you noticed how inconsiderate and thoughtless people can be? I left something at the gallery when I brought everything home. I thought I'd brought it home, but finally decided, after looking through every possible file here at home, that I'd left it there. So I called yesterday to see if anyone had seen it there. A woman who started shortly before I left answered the phone, and she said yes, it was there, she had put it in my file. I started to ask her to put it where everyone knew where it was so I could pick it up, but mid-sentence, I said, "Never mind, I'm coming in town in about an hour, and I'll just pick it up."

An hour later I walked in and she started looking for it! LOOKING FOR IT!! She couldn't find it, and then realized it was in a box she had just moved to another office a few doors away. She left for about a minute, and returned saying that the boxes were all stacked up and she didn't have time to find it right then. Sigh.

First of all, if she knew I'd left it there, why didn't she tell me so before now? I see her several times a month, socially or when I drop by the gallery to visit. Secondly, when I told her I was going to be there in an hour, why did she put it in a box and carry it to the other office? I'm definitely sensing some passive-aggressive behavior here, are you?

OK, I'm R&O'd out. Actually, I thought there were a couple more, but I'm blanking. So I'm out!


  1. I'll take "randomly odd" for $300, Alex! LOL

    That's what I think about the lady "hiding" your stuff from you. What's up with THAT??

    Hot flashes, huh? That just sounds like fun to me, :-) (speaking of ODD!) LOL

  2. I would be a little ticked myself.

  3. About those hot flashes - as you know, I've been through menopause three times. Each time has been a little less intense than the time before. I finally thought I was done with the hot flashes, too, but just in the last week or two they've started up again! I have no ovaries so what's the deal?

    That woman sounds a little strange to me.

  4. Dawn, there is even more to the story, but let's just leave it at this .... she is really not balanced. I've talked with several people and no one "gets her."

    Daisy, I really hate it when people play games. And she is gaming big.

    Jen, maybe I need to just accept that it may be a long time in leaving? Drat!

  5. Yes I would have been a little peeved - and she would've known it!

  6. Patti, Noooo. You wouldn't make a big deal about it! I know better! LOL!


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