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Friday, March 06, 2009

Bits & Pieces

As I started out to run my errands today, Miss Jazmyn was in one of her favorite spots. I have several fo these trunks on the deck for storage of odds and ends. She loves to sit on them. Most times when I miss her, I find her sitting on one of these trunks and watching the world go by.

Every picture I tried to get of her she had her tongue sticking out. Oh, well. This one I liked because Jazi is licking her face and Lola is yawning!

Yesterday I picked up a new treat. I really like it, but the lime was so strong that I puckered and winked ever time I put one in my mouth!

Today I figured out what makes it work .... I opened a beer and looked for something to snack on, and spotted this bag on the counter. The lime and chili is perfect with a beer! The beer seems to take the tangy edge off the lime in the chips, and they are yummy together.

While I was writing this, Lolita discovered the exercise ball. So far, I've been lucky to be able to use it when the dogs were outside, so it has been sitting in the corner, inactive while they are in. But a few minutes ago, she first found the air blowing out the vent. See the vent between her and the ball? She was putting her face over it, feeling the air, then backing off, approaching again, when suddenly she noticed the ball. Her first reaction was to sniff a few times, then backed up with several rapid steps!

"What the heck is that?"

"It's .... so BIG!"


"I'm not afraid! I'll just check it out."

As she got close, she bumped it and the ball rolled just an inch or so! Can you say "retreat"??

"Never mind! I'm staying back here, OK? Mom, you're not gonna leave, are you?"

Hope you all have a good weekend! I know I will!


  1. No she is thinking.... How Big Is The Dog That Plays With That?

    She will have nightmares for a week. rofl

  2. Lola is a cutie. How fun to watch her. I'm so going to have to go get some of those chips.

  3. Great pictures I love the expressions on lola's face.

  4. Pepper, she might, indeed!

    MJ, try WalMart. That's where I found them.

    Bobbie, she almost talks with those eyes!

  5. How adorable! Lola and the Big Blue Ball. Sounds like a children's story.

  6. (M)ary, that sounds like a good children's story. Maybe I'll work on that!

  7. Glad to know that my 74 pound doggie isn't the only one who keeps his distance from that big ole exercise ball. Lola and I do too! LOL

  8. Exercise balls are scary to lots, LOTS of living beings, Dawn!!

  9. I love the doggy pictures, but I'm fascinated by those chips. When you mentioned drinking a beer with them my mouth started watering! I'm going to have to look for those, but I bet they don't sell them around here.

  10. Jen, I'm guessing they are a regional thing, but they are made by, or marketed by FritoLay. As I told MJ, I found them at WalMart. Good luck!

  11. The MIL gave Madison one of these and Reilly is TERRIFIED of it so it's banished to Maddie's room.

  12. You know,Patti, I've thought about how terrifying it would be to have something that size, relatively, sitting in front of me! Scared, duh!!!


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