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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Fairy Tale for March 11


Once upon a time, 39 years ago, to be exact, a Princess was born. Why was she called a princess? Because her momma was the Queen of Everything. The Princess was a beautiful little baby, treasured by her parents, the Queen and the Royal Consort. (He can't be King, because no one can rank with this Queen, trust me!) She was adored by her brother, the Prince.

The Princess was beautiful from the beginning, but by a year old, she knocked 'em dead!
The Princess, and her brother, the Prince, were adored by their mother, the Queen, and they loved her in return.
And she was loved by her father, the Royal consort, and the Royal Grandfather.

When she grew up a little, the Princess was adored by her stepsister, too, because she did cool things like help her catch a fish. she needed help, because naturally, a princess doesn't touch fish!
The Little Princess was well rounded. Well, actually she was a skinny little thing, but well-rounded because she did lots of things as she grew up. She played the violin, played the piano a little, did gymnastics, and played basketball on a YMCA team. If they had three-pointers in those days, she would have been the leader in sinking those suckers! And she was a cutie while doing it!

She believed in Santa for a loooooong time, because she heard his jingle bells and his jolly ho-ho-ho laugh one Christmas.As she grew up, she became a beautiful young lady. She had a first dance with her stepdad before leaving for her first dress-up dance with (gasp) a young man aspiring to become the Prince.

But that wannabe-prince didn't last. The Princess moved on to bigger and better things. She became a cheerleader in the land of the Cougars. The Queen yelled at her that her grades musn't suffer or her head become too big for the crown, and the Princess listened and obeyed.
Later she got to laugh at the Queen when she was offered a scholarship for cheerleading .... at a University in Hawaii! But the Princess turned it down (oh, yes, she did!), because she didn't want to be that far away from the Queen for so long. She went to a university just 50 miles from the Queen's castle so she could visit the Queen on frequent weekend visits.

And the young Princess graduated from High School at the same time the Queen graduated from college.
The Princess went on to earn a degree in teaching, specializzing in Early Childhood Special Education.

The Princess had grown into a beautiful woman. She enjoyed her job, and looked forward to having children of her own.

And then she got married. (And she's gonna kill for putting this picture in here [inside joke], but I'm the Queen and can do anything I want!!! HA HA HA!!) She was a lovely bride.

The grown-up Princess was adored by her family. She enjoys time with the Prince and the ex-royal consort.

And the Princess parties hearty with and the Queen pose for a mother/daughter picture.

The Princess is happy now with her Prince Charming. At least, she's happy when he is charming! LOL! No, he's a keeper, and treats the Queen with due loyalty and respect. At least to her face. Sorta.

And they have two Princesses and a little Prince, and live in the faraway land of Florida.
And the Princess lives happily every after with the Royal Family and all her subjects.

And although she is to be honored on this day, wished many happy returns and all that stuff, she doesn't get to be queen just yet. Back off, little girl.

I love you, Princess, for sure. Happy, happy birthday!!!!



  1. This is a fanatastic post!!! I would so love if my mom had done one like it for me. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

  2. This was awesome, good job mom...uhmmm, I'm sorry, I meant Queen.
    And many, many blessings to your daughter. :)

  3. Happy Birthday TL!!

    Great post Lynilu. I love the picture of TL in her sports outfit. Gotta love those socks that are pulled up almost to her shorts.

  4. I love being the princess! What a great post from an amazing momma! I love you sooooo much! I am having a great day! Thanks to a lot of things but this posts is one of them!

  5. Whew! I guess I'll survive since she read this and no Guido-types have shown up at my door.


    I love you, too!

  6. This has got to be the sweetest thing EVER!!! Happy Birthday to your lovely, lovely Princess!

  7. Wow. What a beautiful gift for your lovely daughter. Happy Birthday to her and happy mother's day to you my friend.

  8. What a wonderful tribute to the princess.

  9. What a beautiful, wonderful post. I loved every second of this special story.

    Happy Birthday to a very beautiful princess! How lucky for the Queen to have such a special gift.


  10. Happy Birthday Princess!!!
    That was a wonderful, wonderful fairytale!

  11. Very nice and Happy Birthday!!!

  12. Such a nice collection of pictures. The talent for photography must run in your family.

    Looking back through our family albums, just having a picture in focus was unusual.

  13. Wonderful post, Happy Birthday to your Princess.


  14. Thank you, everyone, and since TL reads here often, I know she has read your good wishes.

    My blogger bids are the best!

  15. This is my favorite post. Absolutely the best. Happy Birthday!

    Funny thing is, when my daughter was 16 she weighed 210 pounds (due to meds). I told her we would do a mother daughter portrait when she felt comfortable doing so and a few years later at 110 pounds we had an old time photo taken.

    Great post, wonderful memories.


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