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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb

Does any one remember that silly song? Back when I was just a young'un, late '50s and early '60s, and yes, I rode a dinosaur to school, there was a TV show called " 77 Sunset Strip." It was a detective show, and I think that was the address of the agency, and one of the detectives was Edd Byrnes. His name on the show was Kookie, and he was always combing his hair. He had quite a following of goo-goo eyed girls for a while, but other than a few B movies, you didn't hear much from him after the shows demise.

Today I drove to the grocery store, and of course, I had the radio on. I most often listen to the oldies station on Sirius. Today was no exception. And driving across the mesa, that song played, the first time I'd heard it is .... well, forever, and I found myself chuckling and singing along.

OK, not sure why it was important to share that.

Before I completely leave that topic, however, let me just say Sirius radio rocks. When I bought my truck, I would never have asked for that as part of the package, but I was glad when I learned it was there. In there mountains, it is often difficult to get good reception on a broadcast radio station. Also, traveling across the country, I used to run into a lot of areas where I could get nothing but country music (and I like it, but not a steady diet) or farm reports (and no, I don't like those). I carry CDs and my iPod, but even so ....

So once I heard it and experienced the variety of stations, I was in love with satellite radio. Even when my free 1 year subscription ran out and I had to pay the fee, I still love, love, love it! Is there anyone out there who has satellite radio and doesn't like it? I would doubt it.

I listen to different music all the time. When I drove to Florida I know I listened to oldies, country, classical, jazz, blues, big band, '60s and '70s rock. Oh, and some NPR. Love it!

I stopped at the post office to mail some things, and I chatted with the post mistress (are they still called that, or are they post masters, regardless of gender?) and we talked about the enormous project of remaining streets and remembering houses that has been going on here since before I moved here. I figured it was to simplify, and I was basically right. However, I learned today that it is one of the many, many changes resulting from 9/11!! No shilosky! It has to do with taking away as many duplications of street names (for instance, there were several Lincoln streets in this, Lincoln, county), as well as renumbering consistently. It's all so we can be located more easily for emergencies, and probably in case one of us becomes a t*rror*st. Yeah, they want to find us. How interesting! My house number AND street name was changed shortly before I moved in, and it caused a lot of confusion in my closing because no one knew where I really lived!

OK, that's all I've got today. Resume your activities. HEY! WAKE UP!!! Alright, now get back to work. Later y'all!


  1. The fire scanner here is on all the time. And when there is an ems call they give the exact address with the cross roads it is really interesting how precise they are to get the ambulance drivers there in the fastest time. Which is really necesary we have xm on the satalite which we love. Especially in surround soung

  2. My parents went through the address changs so where I grew up isn't our address anymore and sometimes I can't remember the address, and they haven't moved.

  3. Bobbie, yes, that is why they are going through all this, to have clear, precise locations. And yes, surround sound is excellent.

    MJ, isn't it odd that your lifetime address doesn't exist anymore?

  4. Ugh i'm not really awake....

    I don't know anyone who has satellite radio (except you) but I can see where it would come in handy where you live. So glad you enjoy it so much! Makes it worthwhile.

  5. I was raised listening to ALL sorts of Dad had/still has the most huge, amazing album collection, so I heard it all. But I gotta say I don't remember that song! LOL

  6. And yeah, satellite radio is great.Gary has always loved his!

  7. Queenie, it really is great. I'm rather surprised that your new car doesn't have it.

    Cheryl, me, too. I listened to my mom's music from the 20s and 30s, my older siblings music from the 40s and early 50s, then came into my own in the late 50s, 60s and 70s. I played in the band (drums/percussion), the orchestra (violin), and took piano lessons so I have exposure to classical. I truly like many kinds of music, so on trips I don't get tired of anything. As far as the radio, I will require it in future cars!

  8. PS to Cheryl, I forgot to say that I'm not surprised you don't know it. It isn't one that most of us would have in our old albums or 45s. You wouldn't have it unless you are a silly fan of Edd Byrnes or it just happened to be in some compilation. Not what I would consider worthy of being "a keeper"!!!

  9. I heard of the song you mentioned. My father was born in 1920 yeah i was a late baby. He was 50 when I was born. Anywho, I grew up around all types of music mainly "REAL" music of the 40's and big band... I like the 60's also.

    I have a lifetime subscription to sirius and LOVE all the channels. Daisy's brother is an over the road trucker so I bought an extra radio and pay for a subscription for him as well to help him out. Funny I don't think his wife likes me and I wish I knew why. I've been nothing but nice to her and the kids.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Man, I listen to the 40s station often. I find most of that music very soothing. It's nice to be able to understand the words!! LOL!

    How nice what you did for Daisy's bro! We've not met in person, but I have to say, I don't know why his wife wouldn't like you. You seem like a good person. Maybe she doesn't like people who see through her??

  11. I think she is a bible thumping hypocritical Christian.

  12. Ohhhhh. I know a few of those, too.


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