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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lazy Saturday


I'm curled up on the couch, wrapped up in a big fluffy comforter, watching a movie. It isn't cold in here, and I have to unwrap every now and then because, I frankly get hot! I just like being in the comfort of the soft fabric. And doing nothing.

The dogs like it, too. Lolita loves to crawl under it, curl up on the floor at my feet and sleep, till, like me, she gets too hot. Then she goes outside to cool off, then crawls up beside me on the couch.

Like all toddlers, she is so sweet when she is asleep.

Joey is on the other side of me, cutting Z's. He was a sickie poo this morning. He threw up twice, and I had to give him a little PeptoBismol. Poor baby.

Max is on the floor, curled up on the comforter.

And Sammy is on the floor to my left.

The only one who wasn't sleeping when I was taking pix was Jazzi. She was tripping in and out of the door, stretching out on the deck. when I tried to open the door and take the picture, she wouldn't stand still. Here she had come back in and was sorta still, but almost couldn't help bouncing around! She had energy for all the others.

Everyone followed me to the deck, ran around for a couple minutes, chasing each other, bouncing like furry rubber balls. Where do they get the energy? I figured I could have the couch to myself for a while, but when I came back inside, they tagged along. They do not like for me to be out of their sight!

A few minutes later we were back on the couch, and Lola was zonked again. I swear she looks so innocent! She actually is, but her moments of rawhide obsession or furniture eating make me wonder.

Max, also, was just curled up and snoozing away.

It doesn't take us long to be back to lazy after a short trip to .... well, anywhere!

I have to go now. I have to be lazy again.



  1. What a beautiful brood you have!


  2. Thank you, Betty. I think so, of course! :D

  3. It's so nice when the pups want to be lazy with you! So precious!!!!

  4. Yeah, Patti, these kids are usually ready to snuggle and snooze with me. I love it.


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