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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Windy, Out of Order Day

Oh dear, what a day! My schedule was simple enough: Dogs at the groomer at 9:00; have coffee and visit with Allan for a bit; library to return and check out; visit with Linda at her studio; drop in and say hello at the art gallery; fill the tank with gas; stop at the grocery store for a few things, eggs, milk, bread; pick up dogs between noon and 1:00; home to blog and relax.

It has been windy for the last few days, and simply getting to the truck left my hair, well, shall we call it "restyled"? I knew it was unlikely that I could escape it, and I didn't care a lot. Several friends have said how tired they are getting of the wind, and I couldn't agree more. It is wearing on the nerves, big time.

So what really happened in my schedule? At 9:00, pulled in the parking lot at the groomer. As I opened the truck door, a strong gust of wind caught the door, pulling me out of the truck. The door was wrenched out of my hand, scraping or burning my palm and fingers, and I came down hard on the ground, sliding under the door which was flapping back and forth with vigor. I fell on my knees in the gravel, but fortunately, no skin was broken. My knees are a little sore, but even that isn't severe.

I turned and lifted Jazi, Sammy and Lola to the ground and started in. The car door shut fine, there was not a crease or dent in the door or fender. Whew! So, I got the kids in and returned to the truck. I got in to drive to Allan's house, glad that it wasn't worse. As I pulled onto the highway, the strong winds were still pounding at the truck (and everything on the face of the earth in this area), and I noticed that the air was coming in around the door, not so that I felt it, but it was making horrible noise. It was whistling and fluttering terribly loud. I thought maybe I didn't get the door completely shut since I couldn't detect a true draft, so I pulled off to the shoulder and shut it again. But no, it was still awful. I drove the mile to Allan's house and called the insurance company. They made out a claim, but when I expressed concern about the possibility of rain, she suggested that I go to a mechanic/body worker right there in Capitan to see if he could adjust it to keep the elements out.

The mechanic checked it out and said that the hinge was sprung. In some vehicles, this means it must be replaced and sometimes the door itself is damaged in the process, but Dodge Rams use a kind of hinge (and stronger metal in general in the body) that is durable and can almost always be adjusted without much problem. So I did my errands, picked up the dogs to take them home. Driving across the gravel road was unbelievable! The wind was still blowing very hard, and I could visibly see the door jiggling! Not a good feeling!

Dropped the pups and the groceries and drove back to town. Linda picked me up at the garage, and I went to the studio to visit and watch her work for a while. She is just starting a new technique, batik on silk, and I was fascinated watching the process. Just amazing stuff! We had a great visit, including a couple other friends who dropped by, and when Henry called from the garage, she took me back.

Bless Henry! For a measly $45, he fixed the hinge so that the door closes very soundly, maybe even tighter than before! Yippee-skippee!! And thank goodness Dodge built my truck with reasonably good materials so little things like that don't run into several hundred dollars for repairs for the same thing in the many less-well built vehicles. I have no need at this time for the insurance claim, so tomorrow I will cancel it. I'm so happy, so very happy to have a solid, tight cab around me in the truck again. Ahhhhhh.

However, I didn't get home till nearly 5:00. I'm tired. But I'm relieved tired.

The dogs are beautiful. Photos tomorrow.


  1. Oh my gosh...I am so glad that you were not hurt when the wind threw you out of the truck. And I am very happy that it wasn't too much trouble to get fixed.

    It was so windy here as well. As I was walking to my car at the end of the day the wind was at my back and I felt like the wind was going to literally throw me to the ground.

    There is so much wind out here, so I am getting used to having to fix my hair several times a day. Oh, and Sophie doesn't like the wind either. The other day I was taking her for a walk and every time there was a gust of wind she would look back at me like, "what the hell?"

    Take it easy...

  2. I am glad your okay also. We havent had to much wind here lately Good news for your truck also. Cant wait to see pictures of the babies

  3. Caroline, yeah, you know how far down the ground is from the seat of the truck, don't you? Thanks, I'm glad it all turned out well, also.

    My pups aren't fond of the wind either. I've watched several times when the wind blew them sideways several steps or almost sent them tumbling. they don't play outside as much in this weather, yet they'll go out in rain or snow! Tell Sophie they get it.

    Thanks, Bobbie. The way this storm is going, you may get some of this, so watch out!

  4. I am happy to know you are okay. We have had wind but nothing like what you are experiencing. Be safe out there. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the pups.

  5. What is going on with Blogger this morning? I have posted a reply to Pepper TWICE! OK, 3rd time's the charm, right? grrrr.

    Pepper, there are several fronts, one after another, that are doing head bumps over NM, and that is producing the horrible winds. I'll certainly be glad when this pattern quits!

    And yes, I'll get the pix up later. I was hoping to get some nice outdoor shots, but it is clouding up. If we get some rain, that's good, but if it is plain ol' cloudy crap, Enough is enough, Already!!

  6. OK, this time I see it posted. whew!!

  7. Gee, I must not have been by in a while. Everything looks different, including your picture.

    We've been busy as well with my son's wedding upcoming soon. Tonight we go shopping for a new wedding outfit for my wife.

    Nice plug for Dodge and buying American. A lot of Michiganders are sitting on pins and needles right now wondering what's going to happen with the "Big Three" automakers.

  8. Dave, ya snooze, ya lose! I changed the photo just a few days ago, but the rest? Yeah, you've been neglectful. I don't know about blaming it on the wedding plans. C'mon, you're a guy, and guys don't get into that stuff! LOL! I can tell you from my experience, it will be both relief and letdown when the big day is over. Enjoy it.

    As for plugging Dodge .... I just tells it like it is. I wanted a vehicle that would last me a long time, and it seemed the right one for me. I'm very happy with my choice. I drove GM for years and have no complaints, but I really love this Ram. It has the power to do what I need (pulling mountain roads, etc.), room for everyone and everything I need and love in the cab and the bed, and with the hemi engine, it is one of the more economical vehicles I've had since I drove a VW, despite its misleading size. How's that for support? :D Yeah, I'm very happy with it. I hope Chrysler is still around when I need a new vehicle in a few years.

  9. Yikes that is a strange circumstance but i'm glad no real damage done or big expense!

  10. Patti, it is super windy again today. I'm staying home!!!


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