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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Whatever Wednesday


Don't expect Whatever Wednesday to be a regular, but it makes sense for today. Whatever.....

A few funnies tickled my fancy today, so I thought I 'd share with you.

Do you/Did you have one of these in your family? I did. The sad part is the clothes that found their way to the floor to be walked on were usually her sister's or mine, "borrowed" without permission often, rather than her own.

For the ladies: What is your opinion of facial hair on the men in your life?

I'm not crazy about it myself.

My dogs don't do well with mirrors, either!

Is it pathetic that this makes sense to me? Yeah, I thought so. sigh.

I wonder what truths lies my guys tell about me????

OK, silly thoughts done! Have a good day!!



  1. I love Mikes beard and mustache. The dogs and mirrors is so funny not only does pepper bark but the cats will fight with themselves. The walking on the clothes thing drives me nuts James will throw his all over the dresser room and Sarah will pick them up and put them in the hamper. GRRRr

  2. Bobbie, I think animals and mirrors are just classic humor! does Sarah pick up after her bro in other ways, too?

  3. BTW, Bobbie, I'm guessing the answer is yes!

  4. Yes she does although it equals out cause James picks up after her too

  5. I wondered. Lots of little sisters, myself included, did things for big brothers out of some adoration, despite the fact that those brothers were their nemesis. duh!!

  6. I wish Stacy would trim his beard a bit and I wish he could grow some decent sideburns. I LOVE the sideburn look on men with short hair.

    I wonder, truly wonder what Reilly would say about me??? LOL

  7. I don't mind well-trimmed beards. I have to admit, though, that I've never liked kissing a man with facial hair. LOL! I guess I will look, but not touch, huh?


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