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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good News for the Day

OK, I finally remembered to call about my lab work. They didn't call me because they've been inundated with calls about swine flu, no surprise. They were going crazy with the phone when I was there on Monday, and they suggested that I check back because they figured they would be treading water.

Everything is in good shape, inside the normal limits, except for one. Blasted old cholesterol. It's not bad. the triglycerides are good, the HDL is good and is way up there on the high side (that lowers my chances for heart attack), the LDL is good (also on the high side when it shouldn't be, but several points within the range), but the total cholesterol is over the desired total at 214 (should be under 200). This has been true for me for a long time. Because the HDL is so high, it pushed the total over the top. It's not a big concern thanks to the HDL, but I still need to work on getting it under 200. That means low fat cheeses, low fat milk, no chicken skin, no marbled red meats, eating oatmeal every day. Those are not a big problem. I don't like low fat cheese because it doesn't melt will in cooking, and low fat milk goes bad before I can drink it, but I'll adjust. I won't stop eating butter because margarine is just nasty, but I will cut my intake by at least half. I was eating oatmeal 4-5 times a week and got away from it a few months ago, and I'll start that again. For the most part the adjustments I need to make are small ones. she told me not to quit eating "the good things," just to cut the fat contents and least them less often. Very doable.

Since I'm increasing my exerce, that should help, too. As weight comes down, so will the cholesterol. It's kind of a natural process. By cutting the easy corners of fat intake, it won't seem too drastic. As I adjust to low fat, then I'll move to as many no fat items as I can.

Since it is not in the alarming zone, she was not highly concerned, but said if I want to check it again in three months, it can be done. She felt that just the minor changes as we discussed would bring it under 200 in the 90 day period. Sounds good to me.

So I'll live. Sorry, but that means I will continue to blather on in this blog. And of course you are required to continue reading. That's all there is to it. ;D


  1. Yayy on the labwork. Cholestrol is hard for a lot of people to control. No energy here today either but its grey and raining and icky.

  2. Bobbie, I can't blame my "lack of daisies" on the weather. It is sunny, mildly warm and perfect here. And I'll get the cholesterol down. It's a nuisance, but not a problem. :)

  3. So glad the lab work came back OK. I have also heard that oatmeal is great for lowering Cholestrol.

    When I first saw the title of your post I thought maybe the good news was that when I come visit you I am going to be bringing someone with me. :)

  4. my dr told me it is the ratio between hdl and ldl which is most important.

    did they give you a ratio? i think you get the ratio by dividing the hdl by the ldl number

    i think any ratio under 4 is good,if i am remembering correctly

  5. wait...i think i have the wrong math formula...

    here is a link

    or you could just google "cholesterol ratio" to find out how to get your number

  6. glad you will still be around to entertain us!

  7. Blather on--news is good.

  8. Yay for the lab work! I'm sure you'll have that cholesterol down in no time. Mine came down because I started eating better. I tried to contact "Daisy" who left a message on my blog, but her email address is not working for me when I visit her blog. Perhaps she will see this. I'd love to visit her site! Keep up the exercise. I need to get into a good routine myself! --Cheryl

  9. Caroline, you goofball! I was going to write a post tomorrow with that. I'll still do it, but you crack me up! Thanks, I'm glad it is all good, too. :)

    (M)ary, my ratio is very good, 3.5:1. But even though it is so, the total still needs to be lower for optimum health. It is confusing because everything is in the normal range or better, but that total which is thrown off by the HDL being high. Anyway, although I'm in a good range, I'm working on the fine points. thanks for the info.

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    MJ, blather, blather, blather!! Thanks!

  10. Cheryl, I'll send her an email, too.

    I know, I'm not worried about the cholesterol for a lot of reasons. I know it won't be difficult to get lowered with a little work and better eating.

  11. Just an FYI...when S and I talked tonight she was still so excited about our little planned vacation this fall. I can't wait.

  12. Congrats on the good about your results. It's been too long since I've had a check up BUT I do have one scheduled for Tuesday. I had to do it to make the little voice inside my head (MJ) go away. :)

    Your blathering is very entertaining!

  13. I am so very glad you will be around for a long while to come. And yes, you are definitely required reading, dear Lyn. :)

  14. OK, Caroline, since you couldn't wait, just blurt it out, girl!! Check my new post. :)

    Kim, thanks. We should all keep up with our health checks, but I'm an example of what happens when there isn't insurance. I'm glad you're doing so. :) Good for MJ for nattering!

    Aw, Catherine, thanks. I miss your blog. I know why you've slowed down, but I look forward to the return! :)


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