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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jus' Stuff


This cracked me up. After grad school, I did some independent studies that revealed that babies are influenced much earlier and at a deeper level by their environment than most of us realize. Even prenatally, as we have discovered by parents talking to, singing to, playing music for the fetus in uterine.

And this cartoon also reminded me of a poem I wrote when I was in the 7th grade:


It was a little baby
With wide unwinking eyes,
Propped in his baby carriage
Looking very wise.

“Oh! What a pwitty baby!
Oh! Wittle tweety wove!
What is ‘ou sinkin’, Baby,
An’ dweamin’ of?

“Is ‘ou wond’rin’ ‘bout de doggie
A-fwiskin’ here an’ dere?
Is ‘ou watchin’ all the birdies
Evwee where?

“An’ all de funny peoples
An’ funny sings ‘ou sees?
What is ‘ou sinkin’, Baby?
Tell me pwease!

“’Ou sinkin’ of tisses an’ wovin’
An’ wantin’ an’ wantin’ for some?
Oh! Tweety goo? Summy doddle!
Oh! Yummy yum!”

Then spoke that little baby,
As wise as a little gnome,
“You get in the baby carriage;
I’ll push you home!”

Maybe I understood at 13 ?? Nah, I'm smart, but not THAT smart!

About that Facebook ....

I've been delighted to find several people with whom I've lost contact over the years. And one of them is coming for a visit in June! Love Facebook for that. On the flip side of it, however, is the fact that I notice people blogging less. I like Facebook, but it is indicative of our society in that it lends itself to quick communication, one-liners, if you will, then moving on to the next thing in life. Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. I love blogs for the meat it gives me. This is how I've come to know so many of you as if we were next door neighbors. I hope Facebook, so well fitted to today's hurry, hurry, move on society doesn't rob the rich depth of blogging.

And then, this just made me laugh, period. Here's to young moms!!

Have a luverly day!


  1. The fact that your internet was down yesterday really is no excuse for your post being late.....:):)

    I am totally laughing at Madonna working at a DD and doing that to a customer. I can totally see her doing that. Now I am craving DD and the closest one is at least an hour away. Remind me not to read your blog when I am hungry.

  2. I just noticed that I commented on the wrong post....

  3. That's OK, this wasn't supposed to be published! I had uploaded the cartoons, but didn't take time to write the comments. It looked like the two posts were one. I get it!

  4. I have the same worry about blogging. My life is super busy right now, so I'm blogging every other day instead of everyday like I have in the past..but I am not going to give it up. The longer format suits me better. (But I do like Facebook!)

  5. Cheryl, oh, yes, I like Facebook a lot, and I do understand that many people don't have time to post every day. I simply like the depth of relationship we have with the blog. And you make me think that perhaps my thing is that I'm a chatterbox, so I enjoy writing more than some others do! Interesting thought!


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