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Monday, May 11, 2009


Gawd, I'm tired. And it isn't done YET! I was able to get rid of all the fox tail grass heads, thank goodness. BTW, I finally figured out that the foreign body in Jazi's eye was .... fox tail grass seed! And look what this report says. I can't figure out where they came from. I've looked around the property a little bit, and I don't see it anywhere else. However, the patterns of growth tell me it did not come with the grass seed I planted last summer. It apparently washed in from somewhere during the rains. Hopefully, I have eradicated it all. What a mess.

Cutting and bagging those seed-heads took me longer than I thought. Then I carried all the bags of topsoil from the truck up a slope to the back yard. 800 pounds of it. Of course, I carried it just 40 pounds at a time, but still .... By the time all this was done, it was too late to spread it and I was just too tired. Unfortunately, that means I will have to do it on hotter days. I'll get it done a little at a time. The bags are in place, ready to be split, dumped and spread.

I ended the day sitting on the deck, sipping wonderfully cold lemonade, enjoying the gentle breeze and the view. The Kids all stretched out on the deck with me, alternately dozing and watching the world go by. What a superb way to end the day!

I lost DSL for a while today, and when they ran a test on the line, they couldn't find anything, so set up a service call for tomorrow afternoon. I was frustrated, having just finished a lengthy note to a friend which was lost. And the thought of being without internet for 24 hours was exasperating. After I came in, I turned on the computer to check my schedule for tomorrow, and found my DSL was working again! Hurray!

Lawdy, I'm tired. Early to bed tonight!


  1. It sounds like a very productive day and the ending is perfect!

  2. 20 bags of soil is a lot to haul round the house. I'm sure the results will be worth the effort.
    I understand completely about the weariness of yardening and knowing that hotter days are coming.

  3. MJ, the end makes it worth it!

    Seamus, I certainly hope it is all worth it! I'm sure it will be eventually, but the "till then" sucks!

  4. I got very sleepy just reading this, Superwoman.

  5. Sounds like you deserved that lemonade! And thank you for the article on fox tail grass seed. I never knew that. It's certainly something to watch out for. --Cheryl

  6. I thought you were retired????

    Glad you were able to get so much done yesterday. I read your post on FB and it sounds like you are really learning your body and you know when to stop and take a rest. I can't wait to see your yard (and house) when I come visit...I know it's going to look totally different.

  7. Julie, I slept like a log for 8 full hours last night!

    Cheryl, I was stunned to read that about fox tail! Since then I've talked to several people who knew that and have had problems with their dogs and fox tail seeds.

    Caroline, there's no "re" to it .... I'm just tired!! LOL! Yes, I think I am learning how to pace myself and make the best of what I have to work with. I have the rest of my life to to whatever! Can't wait to see YOU!!!


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