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Friday, May 29, 2009

Down Off the Mountain and Back Again

What a day! I am tired, but from something a lot more fun than yard work!!! It was a bit of a last minute thing, but that is not a deterrent for a .... shopping trip!! Early this morning four of us left Capitan headed toward Roswell. We laughed that a few years ago, had you suggested that we would be excited about a shopping trip to Roswell, NM, any of us would have laughed you down. But now, reality is that it is an event when we can go to a town with Hobby Lobby (everyone is an artist), Target, a real Super Walmart, Sam's Club, multiple eating opportunities, and a Dairy Queen for our homeward trip treat!

On the way out of Capitan we saw this big boy.

Look at that horn!! Awesome!

There is a herd of these just on the outskirts. Occasionally we get to see many of them, on other occasions just one or two. We all agreed that this was the longest set of horns any of us had seen on any of the bovines.

Holy cow bull!

Our best guess is those horns have about a five foot spread. Can you imaging is they weren't curled???

Back on the road, we yakked and gabbed away, laughed and got goofy, and the hours trip was shortened to about 15 minutes. We definitely had a lot of fun.

We all had things to get at Hobby Lobby, and I found one thing that I didn't expect to buy. I'll explain that later on.

Then it was time for lunch, and we were all famished. We hit Applebee's and had a good lunch, and many more laughs. As we left the restaurant, I reached in my pocket for the key, and I realized that I had left it in the truck! gah. I called AAA, and the locksmith was at our spot in less than 15 minutes! Meanwhile Linda and Jeannie had walked to Home Depot nearby for some supplies. Newbern stayed to wait with me, and we picked the other two up.

Next we dropped Newbie at a book store, and we went to Petco. I found some inexpensive, sturdy toys for The Kids. Little Missy, Lola, has been ripping apart all the old toys, and they desperately needed some new ones. I brought about 10 new ones, and when I got home I clipped off the tags and dumped them on the floor, and they went nutz!!

Max liked several of them, but hung with this green frog for quite a while.

Joey sniffed them all out, and when he found this plush bone, he latched onto it and still hasn't let it go. It has been almost three hours, and right now he is at the other end of the couch, his usual place, with the bone right by his nose! He knows what he likes, and he will stick with it!

Sam has played with several toys. At the moment of this snap, he was fascinated with a plush ball.

The girls have played with several, also. Lola has spent much of her time trying to take away what the others have! She is such a bratty little toddler!

Next was Sam's. I had nothing in mind, but Linda and Jeannie did, so I tagged along. And of course, I ended up spending money there, too! Some nice produce, and I brought home a HUGE crab leg for tomorrow's dinner. Tonight I had some enormous shrimp and I'm going to have some strawberries in a few minutes.

One last, fairly quick stop at Walmart. My purchase there was several watch batteries. Suddenly all my watches died! I pull the stems out to save them when I'm not wearing them, and I only occasionally wear one, but some of them were 15 or more years old.

After we finished at Walmart, we picked up Newbie and made the final stop at Dairy Queen. I got my usual MooLatte, which I do because I can't drive and eat anything that requires a spoon. And because I love those things! The trip home was as funny or funnier than the trip down. Back in Capitan we sorted out our purchases from the coolers and bags, no small task! And I headed home with treasures for myself and The Kids.

This is what I brought home from Hobby Lobby. I've been looking for a short bench or stool to put under the window for The Kids to be able to look out. When I saw this I thought, hey, same footprint, and I can store throws or something in it! (Clarification from early post .... this is a little trunk!) I had a coupon for 40% off, and when I asked if they had another as this one was scratched on one edge, they didn't, but offered another 10% off! Alright! $35 is a great price for this!

Perfect size, and the cherry wood finish suits me.

A dog cushion on top, and they came to check it out.

Jazi and Lola immediately got up on it. If you're wondering, Lola was wiggling around, and I distinctly heard Jaz say, "Cool it, you little pest!!"

Jaz demonstrates the proper use of the new trunk!

Tomorrow I'm going for a painting lesson with Linda, and then I hope to pull her away from the shop long enough to check out the newest eatery opening tomorrow. Right now, I'm tired, and frankly my sides ache from the laughing. I'm gonna have my berries and hit the sack.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful day!! I am so glad that you have friends that you can go into town with and do your shopping. I don't have a DQ in town either and on hot days like today that would have been wonderful.

    Love your bench and I bet the babies also love having it so they can look out the window.

  2. It was!! I love these mini road trips!

    Actually, that isn't a bench. I just reread the post, and I wasn't clear. That is a little trunk! Anyway, yes, I love it too, and Jaz was up and down most of the evening.

  3. The little trunk is so cute. I cant get over the horns on that bull. Glad you had a great time shopping and friends and now I am hungry for DQ

  4. Bobbie, we were all amazed at the bull! he is really something! Sorry I made you hungry!

  5. Sounds like a great day!
    I love the trunk, GREAT buy.
    And the girls really know how to put it to good use.

  6. Kim, thanks, and yes, those are smart little girls!

  7. Sounds like a fun day. I haven't been to a Good Sam yet but Hannah's beau introduced me to Costco this week.

    Love the bench seat, it is perfect for the pups.

  8. Pepper, Sam's/Costco, same ol', same ol'. Since I live alone and have limited storage, I don't often buy many of the products like I used to, however, if you have done you r research and know prices, you often get great buys on big stuff. And, Yep, that trunk is perfect. They've been on it all morning. Jaz especially loves to stretch out and watch the world go by.

  9. What an incredible adventure! Someday I'm going to ask you for lessons in how to have a good time! But for now, I have to get back to work....

    I love that chest, and the fact that your windows are low enough for this to be perfect for the dogs. I have no good way to allow The Dog to look out our windows. He has been using my favorite chair, and the chair hasn't been looking too great as a result!


  10. Betty, as the child grows in the next few years, I suspect you will find time to develop friendships that will hopefully bridge into your "next life," the one after kids leave home. And let the fun begin!

    I love the low windows for the dogs, but for me, too. they seem to give an airy, open feeling, and I need that in my life. So we are all enjoying it!

  11. Yep- there's no such thing as a window that's too big! That's one reason I love Victorian houses- the windows span from near the floor to the top of the 12-foot ceilings!



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