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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blogoversary .... A Bit Late

As I noted yesterday, my blogoversary, marking three years here, was 5/27. Since it slipped up on me, I wasn’t prepared to note it. So I’ve done some reflecting over the past year, and I came up with this .....

  • brought the boys home, first Sammy, then Max, and finally Joey; poor Sammy was so terrified of everyone, including me that he pooped if someone came in the door, or walked toward him, or looked at him!
  • That included a trip to Mason, TX; a trip to Clovis, NM; a trip to meet Caroline in OK after she picked up Joey to bring him to me
  • began the struggles of house training the new kids. Arghhhh.

  • I seeded lawn just to have part of it washed away
  • spent several days chasing the boys down after they kept escaping from the yard.
  • Had a great visit with visiting cousins
  • added a hammock & hammock chair to the deck
  • Sam wouldn’t move with leash on; I was trying to get him to go for a walk, but he was terrified of the leash; if I wanted him to sit still, all I had to do was attach the leash and he wouls sit like a petrified pup!

  • Jazmyn came home, including a trip to OK to pick her up and attend my niece's wedding
  • I said goodbye to China, pretty much breaking my heart in two; Ali mourned her, too.
  • I met The Guy; OK, he was nice enough, but I guess he just didn’t have his life together, and the next few months were .... frustrating. He’s gone.

  • in my creative moments I created a screen door to make the dogs’ lives easier as they could go outside by themselves; and I built stone steps between my two driveways, dang! was I tired!
  • Paul Newman died, breaking my heart, right along with a million other women.
  • Ali’s appetite was wavering and I knew he wasn’t doing well; he was mourning China and just plain tired of life, I think.
  • Sam beginning to walk on leash.

  • Ali, my sweet buddy, left me to be with China and Mai Lin; how I miss him
  • I voted early, for Obama, of course
  • in the store one day, I took on a racist checker; he got fired
  • built a walkway with concrete blocks to the storage area.

  • I had the Great Thanksgiving “smoke out” at my house; No, not some great contest or event, just a smoked-up house when the turkey dripped and nearly caught on fire; thank goodness it was before the guests arrived!
  • I began dancing lessons

  • I learned the dogs love the snow! They would stay out till they were covered with snowballs clinging to their fur, wet, shivering, and miserable!
  • took a photo-excursion to Bosque del Apache, my second trip there
  • I had a reflective holiday season, looking back over special, memorable holiday events

  • a trip to Clovis, NM brought Lola came home to complete the family
  • Medicare packet arrived, reminding me that in 3 months, I would be eligible

  • a fun trip to Santa Fe for a wonderful visit with an old, dear friend

hmmmm. Not much notable happened. Boring!

  • I turned ..... gasp ..... 65! Medicare is now a reality for me! I had a physical and it was all good
  • I had another wonderful visit with a visiting cousin and her hub
  • Jazi had a rough week with a fox tail grass seed in her eye
  • I added birds, finches to the household; 5 dogs, 5 birds, I used to have 5 kids in the house; do you see a trend here?
  • began yoga classes

  • “building” the lawn again
  • rebuilt the stone steps
Somewhere in there I started a Facebook page, too, but I don't remember quite when! You don't have "page a versaries" to remind you over there!!


This has been some year.

In addition to the above highlights, there are some other things that don’t fit in any one particular month. A major one is the settling of the dogs. They have really found their places, for the most part. The house training was a nightmare, and I sometimes didn’t know if I would make it. Sammy, who was so terrified of humans that I couldn’t walk near him without his bodily functions failing him, now runs into the house, jumps on the couch and thrown his body against me, looking up at me with such trust that it melts my heart. Max has learned that he doesn’t have to growl at every movement of his siblings. Joey has settled in, quietly the canine leader of the pack, yet playful and loving. Jazmyn is the Queen of all in LyniluLand, little as she may be. And little Lola is everybody’s darling .... and devil!

I’m thinking back on my advice to some others in the past year about how it takes a year to own something new, a job, a home, a relationship, etc. It occurs to me that the one-year rule fits for my life with my brood, too. The first three months were frustrating, with house training and relationship development. Then the second three months were filled with smoothing out the rough edges, making it all fit together and work. And since then it has just continued fall into a sensible routine. There are still some areas that need work, but it is feeling like home now.

I’ve had a number of self-recognitions. By that I mean the aha moments when I learn something new about me. Sometimes that means something like realizing that I have smarts or skills to do something new, to reason out a problem alone, to accomplish something I never guessed I would need/want to do. Other times, it comes in the form of recognizing a strength that I didn’t realize about myself, a personality trait that I overlooked in the past, an introspective moment that tells me something new about who I am. Most of them aren’t of the sort that would impress others, but for me .... big. They are the kind of things that make me know myself better. And most of them make me glad to be me.

Yeah, it has been a good year.


  1. What a beautiful post Lyn. You truly are an amazing woman with all your acomplishments. I'm so glad I found your blog! Congratulations on all your "firsts" and being so independant......WTG

  2. That was a great post.
    I love to read your blog and do so faithfully. I'm glad I found it, thanks to MJ and Caroline.
    Here is to another great year!

  3. I so loved reading this! What a beautiful life you have, rich and full of so much love. You deserve it.
    I for one, am so glad I "met" you. You make my life better.
    Thanks for being you.

  4. I agree with the others great post. I have to say your an amazing person and I love reading your blog and love your comments on my blog. We are learning life lessons this year too and it will be interesting to see where we will be in a year. Again great post

  5. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!! I am so glad I found your blog (through Patti-Cake I am pretty sure.)

  6. Ruth, thanks! I'm glad you stumbled by here, too. :)

    Kim, thank you. And you started blogging, too!

    Cheryl, I appreciate that you have come into my life, too! Thanks you.

    Bobbie, I think it is good to have a time every year, a birthday, anniversary, whatever, to review and make ourselves aware of ourselves and what is going on around us. Thanks.

    Daisy, thanks! I'm glad, too that we found each other, and I am pretty sure you are right, it was through Patti.

  7. hmm, March boring,huh? I see where I rank. sniff, sniff

  8. PS - March, my dear daughter turned 39, yes, that is t.h.i.r.t.y ... n.i.n.e years old! Did you hear that? 39 39 big 'uns!! And her baby boy turned 8! But the important things is TL had a 39th birthday!!!!!


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