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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Am Tired ....

.... yet, strangely jazzed to have it done!

My day started with spreading grass seed, topping it with a little top soil, then spreading some top soil in a "forgotten" area just outside the fence and putting flower seeds out there. I was out just a couple hours or maybe two and a half. I was really pleased to get that DONE!!! We were supposed to have rain this afternoon and evening, so I wanted to get those things out of the way and ready for being watered by Mother Nature.

I made it. With room to spare, as it turns out. The rain didn't come till around 4:00, and I've had .20 inch so far. It is probably going to rain overnight, too. Now, if it just doesn't rain so hard and fast as to wash away the seeds, I'll be very happy. With luck, I won't have to reseed again, and top soil application will come again in the fall. In a week or so I will spread fertilizer, but I'll wait till the rain in nearly over for that.

My "old" grass was beginning to come up really well, and my hope is that today's labor will fill in bare or light spots and give a good solid covering of grass. It would be really nice to not have to worry so much about what the pups are walking through and tracking inside the house. My carpet is a total mess right now with all the topsoil I've put down in the last couple weeks. I have company coming in about 10 days, and I'd like to have enough grass to minimize the tracking. I need to shampoo the carpet before she arrives, and I'd hope to not have to do it again too soon.

Damn, I was hot when I got finished. I took a lukewarm shower and it felt marvelous. I've spent the rest of the day just kicked back. Well, I did take time to put my deck plants out on the steps to benefit from the rain, then brought them back up after the showers stopped.

Gee, I wonder what crazy thing I can dream up for tomorrow?? I'll get back to you on that.



  1. Sounds like progress on your yard! :) I'm sure you will enjoy the fruits of your labors.

    Happy Blogaversary.

  2. i need to put some grass seeds down too but i think i missed the rain which came this morning and is supposed to dissappear for awhile.

  3. Seamus, it is progress, but you know how hard it is to see it, sometimes. I know the dogs and I will all enjoy it, and eventually it will be worth the effort. I hadn't planned to "build" a lawn when I moved in here, but foresight and hindsight often have very different views!


    (M)ary, I was watching for that window here, and it looks like maybe I got it right. Of course, last year I thought I timed it right, and a monsoon came through, leaving me with a nice stand of grass OUTSIDE the fence! LOL!


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