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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Something to Make You Smile and a Giggle, too


I spent the morning working on my plants on the deck, pulling out dead foliage, trimming, repotting, cutting off pieces to root for new plants. It was quite a task, but the pots look nicer. I have at least a couple dozen airplane or spider plants in water to root. Anyone one a couple?

After finishing that I decided to clean out the water tub I keep out for the deer. I dump it and change the water every few days to keep it fresh and free of mosquito larvae. I let Jazi go with me. She stays in the yard, and I don't have to worry about her other than that she doesn't usually want to come back in. We walked down to the well house, and while I the hoses hooked up (I bought some new ones and a splitter, and they needed to be unrolled, etc. The well house is 75-100 feet away from the house, just off the road.

Jaz followed me down and stayed in that area while I did the hose work. I walked back up the hill to the house to get something I'd left on the deck, and she was wandering around the area near the dear water. When I started back down the hill, I turned around to get the camera. About half way down I got this picture.

Do you see it? Look closely.

OK, I'll help you out.

Zoomed in a little so you could see the girl stretched out on a rock.

Just chillin'!

Literally. She loves the cool rocks.

She stayed right on that rock for about 30 minutes while I did my various tasks. In fact, as usual, she would budge when I was ready to come in the house. I had to go pick her up and carry her in! Litttle stinker. But at least I don't have to worry about her staying put.

I'm going to try the others at this, too. I think Joey and Sam will be fine, and I suspect Lola won't leave my side. She's still insecure about the big ol' scary world out there. Max is still my concern. I'll see how it goes, one at a time, and hopefully I can take them all when I am walking around the yard at some point. It would be nice to not have to worry about them taking off at every chance.

Want some fun and silliness? This is a great clip from Johnny Carson with Dom DeLuise as his guest.



  1. I would LOVE to be able to take my dog off his leash. I've been told never to do so though. He would follow his nose and never come back. Too many interesting things out there I suppose. Besides, right now we're in town with a busy rode in front of our house. No way could I even try it here. Maybe one day in the country. Cute doggy you have there. --Cheryl

  2. Jaz found the perfect "chill" spot!
    I don't blame her for wanting to stay there, she looks so comfy.
    I wish Sassy was that good about not running off. If we let her out of the fence she usually heads straight for the road. I guess I need to start working with her more now that I have extra time.

  3. Jazi is one smart pup!! I agree with everyone else...she seems so comfortable.

    Don't you just love having your babies to keep you company while you do your yard work?

  4. Yes, one of mine is like that, too, Cheryl. Max will follow anything, anywhere, as far as it takes! He's going to take a lot of work. I wouldn't trust any of them in the city, however.

    Kim, she's a smart little cooky! These guys used to head for the road, too, but with time, they've settled down, possible because they know this is home. I don't take more than on yet, because I still have to watch to be sure where they are, but hopefully soon!

    Caroline, yes, she is. She loves finding a cool spot, and that big ol' rock was just the thing. And yes, I do love having them with me, anywhere!

  5. my beagle will never stay still or quiet while i am outside but the neighbor dog, a girl pit bull named Callie sits down and watches me while i work.

  6. (M)ary, they all have their personalities, don't they?

  7. We are pretty lucky with Sadie, she will usually stay right with us. I learned if I don't chase, she doesn't run.


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