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Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's Saturday!!

OK, that title is for all of you, 'cause Saturday is just another day to me. But I remember that for working people Saturday is wonderful, and Saturday on a long weekend is the best! So enjoy!

First off, Happy World Turtle Day!

It is sunny and just partly cloudy this morning. The clouds are beginning to build in the west for the promised pluie du jour or for non-French speaking folks rain for the day, so I want to get a couple quick things done outside. I got the huge pots lugged onto the deck, and I'm getting ready to fill them. One didn't have drain holes, so I drilled holes this morning. Next I have to carry up two humongous bags of soil. Then I can plant the new baby plants I brought home yesterday. With this on my mind, the following cartoon tickled me.

And finally this cartoon made me burst out laughing aloud. It's funny, but I explain the connection to one of the dogs after you read it.

Here's the deal .... Lolita is such a toddler. Well, I guess she is about four or five now. Last night after we went to bed, everyone was settled in nicely and The Girl suddenly decided she didn't want to sleep yet. Her head popped up, then she sat up and looked around at her sleeping siblings. She wandered around the bed aimlessly, then she got to the floor and wandered the room a while. Back on the bed she tried instigating things with the siblings. I made her stop, as all the others were already relaxed and snoozing. Then she tried to go under the covers. I wouldn't let her do that because she would just rouse the others. She laid down a couple minutes, staring at me as if willing me to change my mind or die, whichever came first. Then she moved up next to me and nestled down by my shoulder. Good, I thought. I could read a few more minutes, and she would be settled in for the night.

After a few minutes, I was immersed in my book again, and I didn't notice at first that she was moving a little bit again. The little stinker was trying to get her nose under the covers! I told her firmly, No, stop it. She rolled her eyes up at me, gave a big, loud snort and just froze for a few seconds. Then she got up, stomped across the bed to the farthest corner and flopped down like a disgusted kid throwing herself onto the couch after losing the argument with mom! Seriously! The bed shook with her stomps and again with the flop! Joey and Max even raised their heads and looked at her as if irritated that she woke them! I stifled my laugh, because Ididn't want to break the spell!! OMG!! I chuckled and giggled softly for several minutes! She kept giving big, disgusted sounding snorts and sighs, and a couple times she lifted her head and looked over her shoulder at me before flopping it back down with a sigh. She also rearranged her position two or three times, more or less throwing herself with each one, jerking motions that moved the bed! She was apparently very pissed at me!! She even slightly bumped Sammy with one such move, and he, her best playmate and buddy, gave her a little soft growl.

Shis is a hilarious little dog! Lola is entertaining, exasperating, adorable and frustrating at times! All I can say is .... The Girl gots 'tude!!!!



  1. ummm maybe you should rename her Sarah it sounds like life here right now.

  2. Well, I think "Lolita" has to stick, but I know what you mean! I remember similar behaviors from tweens and teens.


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