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Friday, May 22, 2009

Segueing Into the Weekend

My yoga class was something else today! It just about did me in.

In Monday's class there were just 5 of us, and there was tine to do some specific 1:1 work. I was having a little trouble assuming or holding some of the positions, and the instructor and I talked through some points. She asked if certain things were painful, and as we processed through it, I told her that I have scoliosis (spinal curvature), which made her perk up. She understood right away what some of the problem was. She made a few adjustments, the main one being to stand with some added padding under my left foot, my longer leg. This forces my right leg to stretch to keep me balanced. As soon as I was doing that, I could feel a difference! And it was visibly noticeable, as a man facing me across the room could see the change in my stance. My left hip has been sticking out for some time now, and when I added just about 1/4 inch on that side and stretched the right leg, I could feel the difference in my body and also when I ran my hands down both hips. They were nearly even!

Again today, a small class, just 3 of us. She was working with me today on ways to relieve sciatica and back pain from scoliosis. It was really helping, and I was far into it with excitement for being able to do this on my own to improve my posture and my body alignment, while reducing pain I've learned to tolerate. It was hard work, as I have come to expect, and I was sweating big time. But it felt very good. I could feel the muscles being stretched and pulled, and although one doesn't necessarily expect that to feel "good," it did. About 40 minutes into the session, I began to feel some very slight nausea. I went ahead working, but I had to stop within 5 minutes more. The instructor looked at me and asked if I was OK. She said I was very flushed. I said I felt some nausea, and needed to sit out a few minutes.

This happens to me when I get overheated. This is why I'm careful, taking many breaks, when I'm working outside. I didn't expect it in this situation, because we were inside (no sun to aggravate it), the overhead fan was on, and the temperatures were cool (more about that in a bit). But I sat it out till the end, as the nausea didn't completely subside. One of my fellow students slipped to the restroom and wet a strip of paper towel, bless her soul! That helped a lot.

I'll be going for another class on Monday. I'm not going to let it stop me! Although I'm not as good as I should be about doing yoga on my own, I can feel a difference in my posture, in my muscles as they are strengthening. It is very good for me, and I want to continue until I can do these things with greater ease. I really feel this is my key to the the door of better physical condition.

It is still raining. It has been fairly slow all day with few breaks in the downfall. I have about .30 inches, so it is clearly coming down slowly enough to allow it to soak in. It doesn't appear that my topsoil is running away, at least not much of it. The rain feels very good. What doesn't necessarily feel good is the temperature. The top I've seen today is 49°. For May 22, this is not typical. With the rain it feels very dank and bone-chilling. I've even turned on the heater, because the inside temp was 62°, and it finally just got to me. I am wearing sweats! Last week I was wishing for more pairs of shorts!

I hope the rain lets up enough tomorrow to allow me to get the new pots out of the bed of the truck without getting soaked. I want to get those new plants in the soil and let them begin growing. The sooner they grow, the sooner I eat! The weather forecast is for continuing thunderstorms through next Thursday(!!) but decreasing from 50% now, to 40% and finally to 10% on Wed and Thur. I'm assuming there will be some breaks in the rain along the way. The temps are better, too. Tomorrow is 64° and by Monday, it looks like we will have mid 70s. That is much more tolerable!

OK, I'm gone for now. For those of you still around, not already off on your weekend fun, have a truly marvelous weekend! Happy Memorial Day, and remember why we have this holiday. My thanks for all those who served in our military services to protect our freedom.


  1. We have the air on and I told Mike its cold enough in here to snow he rolled his eyes. I am glad your getting the rain I dont know yet what we are doing Saturday and Monday (although James has a parade Monday) Sunday we are going to a family picnic

  2. hey, i think it is hotter here then down the 80's and my air conditioning is not working!

  3. Bobbie, you have on the air, I have on the heat! Sounds like a good weekend. Have fun!

    (M)ary, oh, yeah, you are almost double my temp! I would be miserable without air in that temp, though. Good luck on that.

  4. The weather there sounds perfect for me. I love cool rainy days. I think summer is here to stay for a while. It's been hot and muggy for about a week now. The one big difference is the wind here. Even when it's really hot if you can find some shade usually it cools down because of the wind and shade.

    Hope you have a great weekend. I am sorry you had a rough day in Yoga. Be sure to take it easy on Monday when you go back.

  5. Ouch! Hopefully your next yoga class will be better. Thank you for such wonderful words on our blog. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. --Cheryl

  6. Caroline, it has been very pleasant, knowing There would be an end. In fact today the sky is just partly cloudy and the sun is shining. More showers in the PM and tomorrow, but this is do-able. I'm loving it. My grass grew, literally, 1-2 inches in the last 2 days!!

    I wish you could experience what summer is like here. When you describe hot/muggy/shade/wind, I have to tell you with out the muggy, it is great! I think you could tolerate the heat here with low humidity.

    I will be careful at yoga. I don't want to push till I quit. That would be sad.

    Cheryl, I'm sure it will be better, thanks. And you're welcome!

  7. Go yoga! I just got certified to teach. I may design a class just for back issues.

    Amen to our soldiers!

  8. EOTR, good for you!! One of my classmates is being certified, too. He is a friend, as well, and is helpful in many ways.

    I actually attend two different classes each week, and in each there are a couple other people with back problems. The instructor is getting her workout! She is helping each of us with our individual needs. She is quite a lady, 70-something and still spry and active. She says she likes a challenge of helping someone better their circumstance. Good luck to you!

  9. I am the same in terms of getting overheated easily. I think I'm going to have to stop walking with a friend because she's so fast and I like to stop and rest every so often.

    That 1/4" is a great discovery. What a difference that will make.

  10. Mary Ann, I'm fortunate that she is understanding. She wants us to push the limit, but doesn't want us to get hurt and not continue. We are all at different stages, so she adjusts the routine as needed. I hope you don't stop walking, but can find another friend to walk or do it on your own, 'cause it is such great exercise. I can't walk in my neighborhood because of the steep hills, but when I can, I walk in areas that are more level. I just hate to drive 20-30 minutes to walk. And the 1/4 inch .... I'm going to look for a very thin lift that I can add to shoes so that I will have the benefit most of the time, rather than occasionally. I hope that will help.

  11. Glad the yoga is helping out. I have been doing yoga on the wii, I'm sure not as good as IRL, but it's amazing how much you get worked up.

  12. MJ, it is surprising how much workout you get from it!


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