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Friday, May 22, 2009

A Quickie. NO!! Not That Kind!

My rain gauge say just a little bit over .10 inch. That means that so far all is good. It is raining slowly enough to soak in. Whew! I can't see any topsoil runoff, either. Whew again! This is very nice!

I drove into Ruidoso this morning and bought two huge pots for the deck. I also bought tomato plants, chives, dill and mint to plant in them, and within a few weeks I will be enjoying all of those all summer long! Yippee-skippee!! The pots are beautiful, and I thought about how gorgeous they would look with bright flowers in them, but the truth of it is, when I considered the joy of pulling a red tomato off the vine and chomping into it .... well, you know which one won!! I'm not much of a gardener, but a few tomato plant in deck pots with a few herbs surrounding them is hardly a back-breaking labor investment. And as I said, fresh off the vine tomatoes is a weakness. Oh yes, and fried green tomatoes are in my future!! Woo-hoo!!

I'm doing the pots on the deck for a couple reasons .... first the deer can't get to them and eat all my lovely tomatoes, and secondly, the convenience will be excellent. Oh, and third, I don't have to try to dig up this rocky soil to plant them.

I'll do some pix later on. Right now I gotta eat some rice and veggies, change clothes and get to yoga! talk to ya later, y'all!!!


  1. Those veggies and herbs sound yummy. I planted strawberries in a pot made just for them last year. Just as they ripened, my dog ate them. I do have to say he was adorable nosing through the vines trying to find the ripe ones. But that was on my deck and I haven't tried it again since. (I would need to put them up higher). Good luck with your tomatoes. Hopefully, God's little critters won't bother them. --Cheryl

  2. Cheryl, I've already thought about needing to put some chicken wire or something around the pots to keep my own "God's little critters" out of them!

  3. Yoga! You're a better woman than I, Lyn. Go girl!

  4. Oh, Melissa, it about did me in today! I'll post about it a little later. But I won't quit!

  5. We set out 15 tomato plants and they have buds on them. I'm looking forward to a big harvest this year--hope you get one also.

  6. MJ, two of the plants I brought home have blossoms on them. I'm hoping that will give me a head start. Thanks, and back atcha!


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