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Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Weekend, Part I

I went to the Smokey Bear Days festival in Capitan today. My first stop was at the plant sale. That was because I couldn't go farther as the parade was still going on. Besides, the later I waited to buy plants, the fewer choices I'd have. While there I bought, I think, ten plants to put in my big pots in the yard and on the deck. I've transplanted several already, but before I could get the geraniums into the big cast iron kettles at the foot of the steps, it began sprinkling. I wish I had done them first, because the rain would be really good for them. Oh well.

By the time I was finished with the planting, the parade was over. I put the plants in the truck and drove a couple blocks to Linda's studio and parked in the shade behind her place. I visited with her a little while then walked around the crafts booths up and down the street. I saw a number of friends and chatted with many of them. I bought a big bag of kettle corn and munched on it as I strolled.

When I realized it was lunch time, so I asked Linda if she wanted me to bring her some food. She was hungry, so I got a Navajo hamburger for her and a Navajo taco for me. I've tasted better, but they were OK. I also spotted the Shriners truck selling Vidalia onions as they do every year on this weekend, so I brought a bag of those home. Gonna have me some baked vidalias soon! Yum!! I'll put a recipe up on the Cookin' Corner in a few days.

Linda and Annmarie had a surprise for me. A man. LOL! There was a guy who had moved here a year ago, and they thought it might be good for us to meet. He had said he loved living here, but was looking for friends. No romantic set up, they both promised. OK. So it happened that he showed up at the coffee cart at the same time I did, and we sat down and visited for an hour or so. He's a decent person, has no trouble with conversation, and I thought perhaps a friendship could come of this .... for the first 15-20 minutes! The man is all wrapped up in himself! In the whole time we talked, he did not ask me one thing about myself! He talked nonstop about the immigration process and the woman he is wanting to bring here from the Philippines, his grown kids, his ex-wife, his first wife who died, his 3000 square foot house he built in Oregon, the renovation he did on the place here, his business dealings, etc. Now, I don't care about his involvement with the woman, and I agree that the immigration process is a confounded mess; I was only looking for a potential friend. But please! Listen to the other person, ask questions to get to know them! I figured out why he hasn't made a lot of friends here!

Later Linda told me that he had come back and hung around for a while, talking with her, and she was wishing she could warn me. He is probably in his 50s, and when Linda mentioned I was a little older, ("in her early 60s," thank you Linda!!!) his comment was that he usually avoided "older women," because of the baggage they bring with them!! Lawdy!! What about his baggage?? Oh, well, I was not expecting much, and that's what I got! LOL! I think he might be OK in a crowd where there are others to soften his intensity and self-focus, but one on one was just goofy.

It is nice to be getting some rain. It hasn't been much, less than .1 inch, but it is enough to wet down the dry topsoil. I'll take what we can get. And the air smells so good! With any luck, it will continue for a few hours until we have some nice soaking-in of the moisture.

So far, so good. How's your weekend going?


  1. sounds like a fun start to the weekend. Ours not so fun but you know about that lol

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! Not the conversation with Itsallaboutme Man, but the rest of the festival. And I can smell the desert rain! Love that smell!

    I'm so very sorry I've been such a horrible blogfriend for the last month or so. I finally had to delete all my posts out of Google Reader and start from scratch. Took me two weeks to finally do it! Hopefully I can keep half-way caught up now! I feel like I've missed out on so much!

  3. Sorry the new friend didnt turn out the way I was hoping. I'm a little much baggage does an "older woman" carry? (Besides four legged dust mops) Geeesh that man is missing the chance of a lifetime to have a new friend with lots to offer !!!

  4. Bobbie, yeah, clearly my weekend got a better start than yours. Sorry yours is what it is.

    Ah, Jen, I've missed you! Glad to see you again. It was fun, even with Itsallaboutme. And yes, yes, yes, the desert rain is awesome!

    Ruth, to answer your question, he can't possibly know how much baggage I (or any other woman) carry because he doesn't listen enough to find out!!! He said to Linda that he is lonely and wants friends, but I wonder how much room there is in his life for another person. I don't see how he could be lonely with himself overflowing as he does.

  5. I think that term is what men tell themselves rather than look inward. They don't take rejection well so it's easier to reject. I realize this is a generalization but it seems to fit the men I know who've used it.

  6. Oh, and nothing but rain here in Atlanta - and we still aren't complaining about it after last summer.

  7. OMG!! That is too strange about the 'baggage'. Good to find out about him so quickly! EEEKK!!

  8. Julie, you may have a point there! Congrats on the rain! I wish we would get more than a trace.

    Donna, for someone looking for "friendship" I thought his baggage concern was, well, a bit over the top! No one lives to this age without baggage, and he'd better be checking into his own!

  9. Want some of our rain? I'll gladly send it your way.

    I need to get some plants for my flower beds.

  10. Sorry that there was no spark with the new guy. Did you find it kind of unusal that he did so much talking about himself?? Usually men are not huge talkers. But I could be wrong since I know very little about men now.

    Glad you were able to spend some time with Linda and A.

  11. Daisy, yes, I'd love to have a share of your rain! someone else offered, and I requested 1.5 inches. Now if you sent 1.5 inches, also, Wow!

    Caroline, how do I answer your question? Well, I find that men actually talk a lot about "stuff," but when it comes down to talking introspectively, that's all she wrote. I think many men like talking about themselves, their accomplishments, adventures, etc. They don't much like it when women want to talk about "us," about things that reveal who each person is at a deep level, or even about the woman herself. You can watch their eyes, and you see the curtain drop behind the pupils!!

    Now I have to say, that isn't all men, and I know a lot who are real honest communicators.

  12. I actually went on a date with this guy...haha. Seriously, it was this guy's twin. Don't you hate when they don't ask anything about you at all.

  13. MJ, yeah, it's just rude to be talking to someone and never ask about them or shut up long enough to let them talk! What in the world makes them do that?


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