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Thursday, June 25, 2009


I wrote this last night, but I was having trouble uploading pictures. I have no idea what was wrong, but this morning was no better. I finally reduced the photos to the smallest possible setting and they loaded. I have no idea what the deal is. I've been uploading full size, full quality pictures for 3 years now. grrr.

Anyway .....

OMG. I just realized .... wait, let me fill in some blanks.

For about 18 years I worked with emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children and their families. Often those kids were "lookin' for a fight." We used to have to keep the kids directed closely to avoid clashes. The ones who had learned to follow directions on the big things, the obvious hitting or name calling, now were more subtle .... whispering insults or, the most refined of the obnoxious skills, looking at another kid, usually one who wasn't as good at covering, until that kid loses his cool and lashes out. You know what happens in those situations, don't you? If you have kids or spend much time around them, you do. The less sophisticated kid does something that gets himself in trouble because what he does is observed and gets caught, even though the other kid "egged" him into it.

In my house, Max is the one I have to watch. Don't get me wrong .... he is sweet, lovable, loves to cuddle with me. He also loves to play with his siblings, especially Lola and Sammy. But he is SOOOOO jealous of the others. If one gets too close to me, especially Sam, Max will growl. Then Sam will growl back. Then Max will growl and posture. Then Sam circles. And, as Yul Brenner, as the king of Siam, said in "The King & I," "etCETera, etCETera, etCETera!" If I'm not paying attention, this is when the trouble starts. However, Max is the kid that hasn't learned to be subtle; I almost always hear him and I call him on it. Sam, on the other hand, has learned to (1) growl very softly so I don't hear him and (2) to posture and circle around Max, something that pulls Max right into the behaviors that get him into trouble. Soooooo. I have to watch carefully to be sure who is the instigator.

Just a few minutes ago Max was beside me on the couch, snoozing, minding his own business. Sam came in and took a complicated path .... jumped onto one arm of the couch, walked across the back of the couch till he was at my shoulder, slid down my shoulder and arm .... into my lap. He was facing Max, and Max raises his head to look at Sam. I was about to say something to Max because I could see him tensing up, when I realized that Sammy was staring him down! I could almost hear a teeny voice saying, "Nahner, nahner, nahner!" OMG! Sam is the silent instigator!! He has perfected the taunting stare-down!!!

Little behavior disordered dog! Cute, sweet, smart, devious little dog!!

Yeah, like looking this coy and cute is gonna help!



  1. Lol but there so cute and fuzzy how can they be bad?

  2. Oh how funny. I think you owe Max a very big apology for thinking he was starting all those fights. :)

  3. Awwww, I'm sure they all give you the 'it wasn't me, mom' eyes, and how can you argue with those?

  4. Bobbie, cute and fuzzy doesn't cancel bad, unfortunately. But it does make one overlook some things, I'll admit. Stinkers.

    Caroline, you know, I've talked to him and explained that when he growls, he gets caught, but he doesn't get it. And Sammy looks at me like, "Whauuuuu....?" Hopeless. Me or them, but hopeless!

    Kathi, it's hard, for sure. Max always looks guilty, because he does know he isn't supposed to growl, and Sammy always looks like he couldn't be making trouble. It's a full time job to try to keep up with it!

  5. What a nice way to say it, Melissa! Yes, he is!!

  6. sneaky sam!!

    i think my boy cat Leif is the silent instigator in our house. he does the cat move of stalking his "prey" whether that is me, the dog or the other cat...

  7. I think every family has to have one!

  8. What a do have your hands full.

  9. Cracks me up!

    And I just have to tell you...your new banner pic is AWEsOME!!!!!!! That is a great picture!

  10. MJ, I tell you .... all 5 have strong personalities, definite ideas of how it's gonna be!

    Cheryl, it does me, too! And thanks, I was amazed to have been able to get that one. Sometimes, if I just hold my mouth right....


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