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Friday, June 26, 2009

New Steps!

Whew. I finished the re-do of my steps. The steps were reinforced a few months back when some friends put new stringers under the steps. At the time, the friend who was masterminding the project thought we could flip the steps over, putting the unweathered side up, thus saving me the cost of lumber for new steps. Unfortunately, a couple of the boards split in the process. Since I had no replacements, we secured them with the idea that I could later replace the bad boards.

I decided to replace them all. Having a couple new, white boards would have looked odd. The steps were previously painted that odd green, like the rest of the deck. I am working on removing it from all the flat, walked-on surfaces and will finish them natural, then paint all the uprights a rich adobe red. That would have meant that the replaced steps would always look different, thus my decision to simply replace them all.

Then I looked at the steps to be removed, and I noticed that one of the helpers had stripped many of the head of the screws while putting them in. I know who, because he commented several time. I didn't think much about it at the time, and I certainly appreciate his volunteered labor. The problem is that now with me trying to remove those stripped screws, I was going to be frustrated. So I asked my friend if I could simply put the new steps on top of the old or would that make too much weight. He said it would not hurt, and in fact, he liked the idea for sturdiness.

Yesterday I was able to get all but the bottom step done. If you look at the photo, the bottom step where the drill is sitting is the only one not finished yesterday. I was frustrated because my batteries were all exhausted halfway through cutting the final board! But I rested overnight and got after it again today.

Also, I had to fix the concrete step. I have no idea why someone did it this way, but that step is just eight inches deep (front to back). Now measure your foot .... it doesn't, or just barely fits, right? And trust me, in the winter with snow and ice, it is risky. I've wanted to make it deeper to match the others at eleven inches.

This angle shows the odd size of the step.

I charged the batteries overnight and got with it early this morning.

So I wanted to extend that bad step, but I couldn't figure out how to attach an extension to the concrete. I finally figured out how to do it. A combination of screws and Liquid Nails. Good stuff! I love the new step! It will be so much safer, and boy, does it look better, too.

This is the "new view" from the top.

And the "new view" from the bottom!

I feel pretty much like a genius at this moment!



  1. WOW!! I am seriously impressed. Seriously. You rock.

    PS...I had trouble seeing where to comment. Your blog is now blue it seems and the comment box blends right into the blue so for a minute I thought you had comments turned off and then I thought...noooo..Lynilu is always up for comments so I scanned my cursor around in the area I thought the comments should be and hit enter.

    Not sure if that is some temporary blogger glitch or something to do with my computer or if it is something to do with template color changes on your blog....just thought I would mention it....

    PSPS...Man, I REALLY am impressed that you fixed your own darn steps.

  2. Ingenious! Very clever. I had trouble commenting also. I just kept hitting the back button and then trying to comment again until it finally came up correctly. Strange. Liquid nails...I'll have to remember that. --Cheryl

  3. You totally rock!!!! I am so impressed and the steps look great!! You should be very proud of yourself.

    P.S. I know who to call when I have a repair question. :)

  4. They look great and I can only imagine how good it must feel to do them on your own!

  5. Thanks, (M)ary!

    I haven't changed anything on the layout of the blog, and when I look at what you are saying, I don't see any problem. I wonder if it was just some temporary hiccup? Mary and Cheryl both commented at nearly the same time, so ..... I just wonder. I was having trouble uploading pix earlier in the week, too, so perhaps there has been one of those periods of blogger blues.

    Cheryl, my hub used to swear by Liquid Nails for those tasks that seemed to defy "normal" approaches. Now, so do I!!

    Caroline, I am pretty durn proud! I have surprised myself a lot of times as I learn what I can do!

    MM-MM, there is a special joy at accomplishing something like that that I would not have tried at other times in my life. I love "finding" me!!

  6. You are truly amazing and what a fine job you did on those steps. Liquid nails is something I have never heard of but will pass that on to Tim the Toolman aka Gerry McIntyre. Is there anything you can't do, or won't try???? I doubt it!!!!!!

  7. You should start a home improvement show. And show them how its done great job!!!!

  8. Ruth, you're right, there is very little I won't try! I don't always get it right, but I usually get it done! Liquid Nails is like the Super Glue of home improvement projects. Amazing stuff!

    Bobbie, as I said to Ruth, I don't always get it right, so the show might not go over too well!

  9. the steps look awesome. Great job.

  10. Yeah, um, listen. I think I am going to have to stop coming here and reading your blog because I feel like such a slacker! I mean, WOW!

  11. Julie, I know, people like me just make me tired!!

  12. WOW, I too am impressed. The steps look great and I'm sure you feel great having them done. Now it's time for you to relax.

  13. Kim, I love having them done. I need to work on removing the last vestiges of the green paint from the old steps where it shows, but that's a small thing.


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