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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Family makes for the Best Ever Laughs!!

I just got this in an email, and it is perhaps the funniest video I've ever enjoyed! There is a story behind my complete enjoyment of this particular one. First watch this video then read my little story below.

When my nephew, G, was must have been about 1.5, I was pg with TL. My brother's family was moving from Las Cruces back to Albuquerque where I lived at the time. While they house hunted, I went along to occupy the kids while R & S looked at houses. This gave them freedom to consider the house without the distraction, yet allowed the kids to see the places, too.

As we rode around town, I was in the back seat with some of the kids. G was very much a babbler, and it was SO cute. He was a serious little self, and when he yakked, he had eye contact and the usual facial expressions any of us would, as if he expected us to understand him. So one time, sitting there in the back seat with him, I "babbled" back at him. He wasn't the least bit surprised, but seemed delighted that I was "talking" to him!!

It was a done deal from that point on. G and I entertained everyone often as we rode around Albuquerque or even as our families got together in the living room. And it went on for months. It was hilarious, even from my vantage point, because we both inflected questions, excitement, serious discussions, the whole gamut!! And I swear he seemed to actually know what I was saying and responded appropriately. I can't say I was as wise as he in that way, but it didn't stop our chats!!

He was one of the most precious, unique toddlers I've ever met and gave me many smiles, laughs, and dear moments then and through the ensuing years. Now I have to go listen to that baby chatter again!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love, love, love that!!! Makes me want to have another one. I miss all that sweet baby chatter. :)

  2. Casey, isn't that the cutest video??? Honestly, I laughed and laughed while playing it several times over. I especially like how the baby leans forward when the dad quits looking directly at her and ducks his head forward in laughter, as if she is trying to make sure he is still listening!! Girl, that vid could make ANYONE pine for a baby!

  3. that video was awesome!!! i can totally see how she was seriously engaged with that guy and to heck with him if he didn't answer and just laughed. she had something to say . . .future talk show host maybe??

    and why is it that it is not hard to imagine you babbling away in the backseat . . :)

  4. Beans, now wait!! You have no trouble imagining me babbling in the back seat??? This is NOT a good sign!! LOL!


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