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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Winding Down from the Trip

For a fast trip, it was really good!

I picked up the new sitter, a young man who knows The Kids from previous visits at my house, and we went to the grocery to buy him whatever food he wanted. Pizza, breakfast bars and donut holes! Yep, he's a teenager! The pups did their usual barking for a couple minutes, then seemed to remember that he is a familiar person, and they settled right down. Then we walked through the "what to, how to, don'ts." I finished up the last couple details and by the time I was going out the door, all five of The Kids were on the couch with Garrett. That was a good sign. Garrett called me couple times to clarify something, but all was good. He even put medication in Jazi's irritated eye, something I wasn't sure a 16 year old would do.

I was in Albuquerque a little after noon, giving Scott, Connie and Kylee time to run out to Sandia Man Cave (here, too) for a while. Then we sat most of the afternoon at Scott's dad's house and visited. We contacted a family friend (close to Scott's age) who is in Albuquerque attending a week long graduate architecture class, and arranged to have dinner with her. Her family lived across the street from us in KC for about six or seven years, and the kids were stair-stepped with our own, resulting in wonderful friendships from parents through the youngest kids. Melissa is coming to see me for the weekend, and we have plans to attend the blues festival, lunch with my birthday club, take a hike, and brunch with Allan before she heads to Santa Fe where she is going to meet up with my friend Enid who will give her the grand tour of SF.

We went to dinner without my ex and his wife. His oxygen dependence makes it very hard for him to go out for dinner as his portable tanks are used up before dinner can be finished. His wife had a crappy day at work, and she decided to just stay in, too. So S, C, K, and I picked up M and headed out to Sadie's. Sadie's is a New Mexican style food restaurant that is excellent. Oh, and their margaritas are excellent, a very important factoid! If you are in Albuquerque, I heartily recommend it. I've been there a half dozen times without a single complaint. It is popular and very busy, so unless you don't mind a wait, call for reservations. We didn't reserve, because we didn't make a decision about where to go till later, so arriving at about 7:30, we had a 30 minute wait. Waiting, however, isn't painful .... if you go into the bar where free chips and salsa are available, and a tall margarita eases the wait!

Dinner was, as expected, excellent. The portions are huge, and none of us could finish our dinners. Of course, the chips and salsa consumed beforehand might have something to add to that equation, too. We had a good time catching up with Melissa who we had not seen since TL's wedding in 1992. Panza llena, corazón contento. Full belly, happy heart. We lingered and visited, not leaving the restaurant until very late, between 10:00 & 11:00, I think. We dropped her at her hotel so she could write her notes from the day about her visit to Acoma Pueblo.

BTW, Acoma Pueblo is a fascinating historical and cultural site. The pueblo was built on top of a mesa as a protective measure. The conquistadors were largely brutal, not even close to the "brave explorers" bestowing the wonders of their "advanced" civilization to the "ignorant natives," we were taught about in school; they "converted" or murdered the natives of North America as they traveled, almost completely wiping out huge populations of indigenous peoples.They are a major part of why no Aztecs and Incas exist today. Very sad. Then as the conquistadors came through what is now New Mexico, they managed to reduce the population of this peaceful group (at Acoma) from around 2000 to something near 250. Hmmm. Does that remind you of a group of Jews who withdrew to a mountain top for protection?

This is a photo of the mesa (click to enlarge) .....

A closer look at the pueblo atop
the mesa (click... well, you know) ....

Anyway .... if you want to read a little more about Acoma, here ya go:

Acoma 1, Acoma 2, Acoma 3 or just google Acoma Pueblo.
(BTW, Melissa is a real trooper; she walked down from the top, some 300 feet on very steep, narrow, tiny steps carved into the rock face of the mesa!! Not sure I could do that!!)

Yesterday morning we met for breakfast. This time we were joined by Scott's step-mom, however, his dad stayed home and had breakfast brought to him. We had a good visit (probably overstayed our welcome to the waitress) and good food, then she headed off to do some personal errands, while S, C, K & I went to Trader Joe's. I bought some goodies to bring back, specifically that wonderful chocolate cereal, blueberry-cream scones (yummmmm), and various snacks for myself, and similar things at request of some friends here in Lincoln County. S & C got some treats to take home for themselves and friends, too. We walked, talked, shopped for, I guess, around 1.5 hour!

By this time, it was after 2:00 and I still had another stop to make, something more to bring home to a friend, so we began our goodbyes. Those always take a long time, you know! I filled the gas tank, bought a hamburger to eat as I drove, and hit the road. I had a book on CD in the car, and almost finished it on the way home. I drove through a good rain about halfway home at Socorro, and hoped it would follow me home, but no. The drive was uneventful and went quickly. After dropping off the goodies I'd picked up, I came home to some very excited pups!

And look what I found in the mini garden when I got home!!

A tomato on one of those little tomato plants!!!

Isn't it amazing how much can be packed into about 30 hours?



  1. I'm so glad you were able to go. Sounds like a very nice trip.

  2. Love the pictures sounds like a great trip I am glad you got to go.

  3. It actually seems to me that I was gone longer than I was!! Hard to believe how much we packed into that short time! Thanks, both of you, it was fun!

  4. The food sounds yummy. I better go find dinner.

  5. Ahhh, Mexican food - I LOVE it. It's hard for me to turn down. Acoma Pueblo sounds very interesting. Wow, a city way up there on that mesa! I'll have to google it. Sounds like you had a very nice trip. --Cheryl

  6. MJ, "find" dinner? Are you going hunting or fishing? LOL!

    Cheryl, Mexican is my favorite kind of food, for sure! I like New Mexico style, Border Mex, West coast, southern style .... just gimme!! :D Yes it was a good trip. Sometime the short ones are best because you really "get into it," not wasting any time.

  7. So glad you were able to make the trip. I can't see the pics!! :(:(

  8. Caroline, you can't see any of them? or just the slide show?

  9. I can't see the slide show. I have never been able to see the slide shows at work, but last night I couldn't see them at home either.

  10. Caroline, when I check in without signing in as lynilu, I can see it. I'm going to ask others to be sure whether it is widespread or localized to you.

  11. Yes- I can see the slide show.


  12. Looks like an awesome trip was had by all!!

    I was able to see the pictures--including your wonderfully beautiful smiling face!!!

    YEAH for good family fun!

  13. Good, , Betty. Thanks.

    Beans, it was a really good trip/time! Thanks!


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