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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June is a BIG Month in Our House

It has been a year. Did you realize that? Last June I set off on what would be the newest, wildest, sweetest, craziest part of my journey. At least that applies for everything since the birth of my children (I don't want TL to get her feelings hurt again because I leave her out!). What am I talking about? The epic of my journey with The Kids.

Last year at this time, I was hot and heavy on the trail of adoptable dogs. since the actual birth dates was unknown for them, I made their new birth dates to be the day I brought them home. And of course, their ages are estimated, except for Lola. We don't know her exact birth date, but we know the month and year, so we gave her the 24th since that was the day she came home with us in January.

So this months is a BIG celebration for us. Sam, Max and Joey all celebrate their birthdays and new beginnings as follows:

June 6 - Sam is 5 years old.

June 13 - Max will be 3 years old.

June 23 - Joey is going to be 7 years old.

June 24 - Lolita will reach her first birthday.

August 18 - Jazmyn will turn 3.

It hardly seems that it has been a year, yet when I think of all that has occurred in the past 12 months, it is mind boggling. I can hardly remember life before these five characters.

Sam was such a mess when I brought him home. He had obviously been badly mistreated, we think in a puppy mill, and was terribly fearful of all humans. He came around sufficiently to allow me to handle him in a reasonable time, but it was months before any other human was accepted. He still has cautions, but within minutes he can now allow another human to be in the house without great stress. We still have work to do. But of all the dogs, my reward is greatest with him because I know I gave him a life worth living, and he thanks me with his sweet tolerance and love for me.

I'm including a second picture here. Sam is snuggling with Ali. At this time of his life, Ali was not the most tolerant. He was very old and apparently uncomfortable, if not in pain, and he just wanted to be left alone. However, he seemed to recognize that Sammy needed extra tenderness, and he never minded if the new boy used him as a resting place. I was amazed at how they make allowances for each other in this way and how they just seem to know.

Max came home next. He was almost as bad as Sam, but I'm guessing as a street dog he encountered at least a few people who treated him with some kindness. He was more able to accept me and wasn't so afraid, but he seemed to have no idea of life inside a house. He adjusted fairly quickly to being here, but his street ways are still there at times. He is getting better with time. He is the most jealous of my attention, and this sometimes leads to conflict with his new siblings, but he is coming along.

Joey. What a sweetheart he is. Joey is very laid back, doesn't get too excited about anything. I believe he had a life with some decent human contact. He isn't afraid of humans at all. In fact he LOVES us! He is social, in that he will chase a toy and fetch it back to me, and he plays with his new sibs often, although his favorite thing is to be my little couch potato. He obviously wants a life of luxury! He is the elder of the pack, and quietly the pack leader. He doesn't make a big deal of it, but with Max, the only contestor of leadership, he puts his paw down when necessary to quiet the question.

Jazmyn came in August. She was a good balance to the raging testosterone (even though the boys had been neutered at that time). China and Ali were still here, and it seemed that Jazi and China were quietly bonding to say to the boys that girl power is not to be triffled with. The loss of China a mere two weeks later was felt by all. Jazi is also pretty laid back. She is jealous of her space at times, especially when The Boys are roughhousing in her space, and she doesn't hesitate to let them know about it. They seem to accept her as the matron of the pack, and for the most part, follow her directives. She's my cuddler, and will be beside me most of the time I'm sitting. But she also plays with the others, on her schedule, of course, because after all, she is the queen.

Lolita came in January when she was 7 months old, so she has a birthday this month, too. What can I say about this girl? She is still a baby, or at least a toddler, so a challenge at times. She is also very smart, and learns quickly. Most of the time. She can also be very hard headed, like today, when she went running off as if she couldn't hear anything coming out of my mouth. Lola is everybody's baby. All the others love to play with her, and of course she both loves it and expects it. Having her in the pack has valanced the playing field. Jazi needed a girlfriend, and although Jaz sometimes has to set the baby back on her heels when Lola gets too rambunctious, they are good buddies, too. I don't need five dogs, but it wasn't complete till she came home.

Life is good. I'm glad this last year brought so many blessings to me and to them, as well. I wish it didn't also mean the loss of Ali and China, but it is what it is. These babies are delightful, and I'm so glad they came to my home.

So .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY at our house, all month long!!!


  1. So many birthdays!!! Happy Birthday to all your babies. I wish I was there to help you guys celebrate.

    BTW, tomorrow is Sophie's 11th birthday. I am doing a special post for her.

  2. Awwww what a nice tribute to all the "Birthday Kids" They are sure the luckiest kids in the world. I love the pic of Lolita..she reminds me of Bella, the way she has her head tilted. Bella does that when I talk to her and its almost as if she's saying - Hurry up Gramma, I have a few things to get into. (like the garbage can in the bathroom...kleenex still needs to be shredded lol) Hope you all had a day-long celebration!

  3. Birthdays galore. Do they each get a birthday cake--if so call me, I'm up for good birthday parties. What a busy year for you.

  4. Caroline, I forgot that Sophie's was in June! Wow! We have June sewed up, don't we? The kids say thanks for the wishes, and they expect a gift of treats when you come visit! ;D

    Ruth, Lolita does look like Bella, at least in certain poses. And yeah, what is it about dogs and tissues??? Mine do that, too. We'll have a little party one day soon.

    MJ, well, I'm planning a BD cake, but I doubt it is what you have in mine! I was thinking about canned dog food with a treat on top!


  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Miss Daisy!! (Note: that's one from everyone, even the August girl!!)

  7. Happy birthday to all give them a scratch and extra milkbone from me. I cant imagine life without pepper or buford or the 6 cats that we share the house with they have been there for us when we needed it.

  8. Happy Birthday to all.
    Have a wonderful month of Birthday Celebrations!


  9. 3 Gemini dogs! 1 Leo! Lots of energy there.
    And then there is Lola on 6/24, the emotional Cancer....

  10. :D

    THREE GEMINIS??? I am in trouble! Six personalities right there, alone! Add a whimpering Cancer, and it is just a danged good thing I have that one steady Leo to keep me sane!


  11. What a wonderful tribute. It is wonderful that they all get a long so well. You are truly blessed as they are.

  12. Pepper, I have a good little pack here. They have their moments, but I wouldn't change much. We are all happy. Thanks.


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