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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Days ....


I woke this morning to a sunny, bright blue sky. It was almost 7:30. At 8:15 I was getting a light shower. By 8:25, it was raining. Hard! I had a shivering little Jazi in my lap. She hates thunder and we were certainly getting some.

It leveled off, showering till about 9:00 or 9:15. Around 9:45, the sky was clearing.

We had nice blue skies till about 1:00, during which time the temperature grew from 59° to 73°. Sometime between 1:00 and 1:30, the sky was an angry grey again, the wind was blowing and the temp dropped to 67°. I remembered I'd left the truck windows down, so I went out and rolled those up, and just as I got back to the deck, it started thundering and raining again. Hard! And Jazi shivered. It rained off and on for about 45 minutes, the temp dropped to 60°, and now at 3:00 it is bright sunny again, with a temp of 69°!!


Nutty weather day!

During the break from 10:00 to 12:00 I went out to decide where to plant some plants. In the last few days I've bought a few additions:

4 Apache Plume

3 Mexican Broom

2 more Red Hot Pokers

and 1 columbine.

That sounds like a warped version of the 12 Days of Christmas.

I want to get more of these. Don't know why I got just one.

And I thought about getting a few of these (clematis), but decided to wait till I repaired the lattice work under the deck which is what I hope to have it grow on.

While I was looking for my planting places, I decided to let some of The Kids walk with me. Today, it was a bad decision. Jazi, Sammy and Lola were with me .... most of the way. Sammy stayed fairly close to me. He wandered and sniffed around, but always just 10-15 feet from me. Jazi stayed with me till I started back toward the house, and as she has done recently, she sat down and just refused to return! So I picked her up to carry her, and then, half-way up the driveway, Lola turned tail and scooted down the driveway toward the road.

Well, I couldn't chase her with Jaz in my arms, and I didn't want to be chasing them both, so I continued to the house to put Jaz and Sam (who was still dutifully following me) on the deck. By now Lola was out of sight, so I grabbed the leash and went to find her. I couldn't see her anywhere, and she was not responding to my calls and whistles. Once again up the steep driveway, got in the truck and set out to find her. I didn't have to drive far. She was "visiting" at a neighbor's house, and when I turned in the driveway, she came running. grrr. Well, guess who is remanded to the hoosegow or being on a leash again for a while???

Next I went to refresh the deer water tub. Got that done fairly quickly, but found that the little bolt that holds the handle on the faucet was missing and had to find a replacement for it, then replaced some washers in nozzles for watering around the yard.

And I'm still not sure where to plant all the plants. I guess next time I go on a decision making trek, I had better go alone!

Tomorrow I have a teenager, the one who recently house sat for me, coming over to help me remove a pile of old branches. We were actually supposed to do that today, but his work schedule was not what he thought, so he had to delay. It worked out well since it rained today, anyway. The branches were here long before I moved in and are very brittle. There is a huge stack of them that need to be moved to the roadside so they can be picked up by the county next week. I can do a lot of things around here, but when it comes to bending and picking stuff up like this, my back just gives out on me. I will love having this pile out of sight, and I can begin the next stage of tree trimming for the next yard waste pickup in about 6 weeks. I have many trees that need to be trimmed up from the ground for fire prevention, and a lot of scrub oak to be cut out also for safety and appearance. Those, too, will need to go out for pick up, but I can usually handle that by doing a little at a time.

I'm beginning to think that fall will be welcomed this year. Whew.


  1. what an adventurous day! for you and for Lola.

  2. ps love the flower pictures!

  3. Pepper got out yesterday with no leash on and I thought she would be horrid to catch J went out and called her and she came running in. My clamatis is overtaking th side of the house will have to take a picture. I have some planting I need to get done but it will have to wait till fall.

  4. (M)ary, "adventurous." What a lovely word. Gah. I really HATE chasing down eloping dogs! The flower pictures are mine except the Spanish Broom. I haven't taken any pictures of those yet.

    Bobbie, I really thought I could trust Lola. She has been pretty good off-leash till this. Now I know I have to keep her in check till her internal controls are better. I had a lot of clematis in KC, multiple colors and sizes. I really miss them. The clematis in one of the few things I will plant here that is not a traditional plant for the area, but I think it will be very pretty.

  5. Gotta love the little ones not doing what you want (wish for) them to do. Plus they have 4 legs to get away that much faster. Lots going on at your house.

  6. MJ, I donno if I gotta love the, but it's a darn good thing I do!!

  7. Crazy weather you are having.

    You are buying plants like we are! We call ourselves "thinking through it" when we are looking, but then get home and realize that all these plants need "holes and water" - LOL! No lack of projects! :)

  8. Seamus, I know what you mean! I thought I was being cautious, 'cause I'd have loved to buy more. Then I got home and thought about the rocks I have to dislodge for those plants, and I wondered about the effectiveness of planting them where it is easier to dig vs. where I want them and they'll look good!


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