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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Do you have any idea the shock that strikes in the heart of a person who gets into their car, turns on the radio and learns they have no reception on their Sirius radio? I do!

As I drove on my errand, I wondered what was wrong. It wasn't the radio. I had AM/FM reception, such as it is out here in the mountains. The CD player worked. But I had no satellite radio. Did I pay my bill? I thought I had it on automatic payment. It should have been paid two or three months ago.

Back home I checked to see if I had a notice. Nope. I didn't see it on one of my credit card statements. So I called. Yes, it was paid in February. OK, I didn't go back that far. So what was wrong? What I was told was blah, blah, blah. I think the girl didn't know what to tell me, to tell the truth. Anyway, she said it was a "disruption." Doesn't that usually mean you didn't pay the bill? I don't know. She said she would send a new signal.

I went to the car, and there still wasn't a signal. grrr.

Back into the house and call again. This time a girl told me there was certainly no problem, but she would resend the signal again. And .... the radio needed to be on. Hello!?? Why didn't the first one say so.

I trek back out to the truck with the phone and the key, turn on the power and the radio. The girl and I listened to each other breathe for about four or five minutes, and then .... voilĂ !! Music!!

This girl explained that this happens once in a while, something causing the signal to "break" or "be lost" for more than a few minutes, and then it has to be "re-established." OoooooooKaaaaay.

Anyway, I have my radio back and my heart is beating again at a normal pace.


  1. Wheww, that's distrubing. I hate it when things don't work like they should.

  2. I know, it makes me crazy!

  3. We have satelite on the directv but not in the car and I love it on the tv and love the surround sound in the house but cant play it to loud cause of someone sleeping during the day. Bobbie

  4. Bobbie, I have it in the house, too. It's almost essential here because reception is poor in the mountains.

  5. I have it on TV too, but not in the car. I've listened to other people's though. I'm not quite sure why I don't have it yet. Maybe one day...Cheryl

  6. Cheryl, it came with the truck or I probably wouldn't have it, and now that I've experienced it, I don't want to be without it again!

  7. i have satellite radio in the car but i am not as excited by it as i thought i would be.

    the only thing i listen to is Martha Stewart's daughter's show Whatever Radio...she is a hoot.

  8. Mary, I think if you live in an area where a variety of stations is available and can be received, it might not be a big deal. For me it is important because reception is horrendous around my stomping grounds and only a few stations are available. For travel, it is great, too, for those in-between areas when all you can get is the farm report. If I'm not listening to it, I'll have an audio book playing.


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