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Friday, June 12, 2009

Update on the Yard Stuff

I just planted a couple of the new plants I brought home and watered the others. I checked the tags of the two I couldn't remember earlier, and I have .....

Snow-in-Summer, Perennial, Cerastium
They went into the big iron kettles to compliment the Geraniums, Chrysanthemums, Cocks-comb and wild flower seeds that are beginning to pup up. The tag says they will cascade over the edge of borders, so I planted them close to the edge of the pots. And isn't that pretty in the rocks? I might have to get more of that, 'cause I have lots of rocks to "pretty up"!!

This is what it looks like in full-bloom. I really like this little plant.

and Gaura
These will go into the yard to add color to the landscape. The flowers are pink, and the foliage is red (or purple).

Both are perennials, both are good for arid conditions.

I also forgot earlier to say I bought two pots of Shasta Daisies. I love, love, love Daisies, and when I learned that they are deer-resistant, I was delighted! I'm picking mostly plants/flowers that are deer-resistant so I don't get frustrated when they come by my yard for a snack! I want to get some Black-Eyed Susans, another kind of Daisy, for contrast, as well.

I'm excited to get all this into the ground. Guess I'd better call the teenager, hadn't I? Especially since I have irritated tendonitis in both arms and an old injury to my right thumb. grrrr. I don't have time for this inconvenience. I've got things to do!!!


  1. You should start a landscaping flower planting business hire teens to do all the hard work and you do the planning you would be great at it

  2. LOL! Bobbie, if all the teenagers were like Garrett, I would, but I already know that he is a rare gem!

  3. Beautiful flowers. I love daisies myself but I opted for desert plants and low water plant for my yard. Scott has a brown thumb like his mother.

  4. Pepper, believe it or not, these are all "low maintenance, low water" plants. I'm following a xeriscape plan, one which allows for variety and color with low impact. All will need some water in the beginning, and some, like the daisies will need some water ongoing, but it is all in the recommended guidelines. I was amazed when I read about some of the plants appropriate for this. Another thing I will add at some point is poppies. Can you believe they are also low moisture?

  5. I bet it is shaping up nicely!! glad you have the teenager to help--and maybe its keeping him out of some trouble!

  6. Beans, it's beginning to. It seems so slow to me. But I'm not trying to plant more than about 4 plants any day, because I just can't tolerate it. I will be so happy to get it done!

    The kid - Nothing's impossible, but I don't see him in trouble. He lived with his mom till 2 years ago. Step dad was abusive, and mom protected him, so he was very immature (afraid of the dark, limited social skills, etc.). At nearly 14, he acted 10. With his dad and stepmom, he has blossomed and flourished. They are loving but strict and have expectations of him for responsibility. He's been growing into his own, and now is just a remarkable young man, age appropriate at 16, with a great sense of humor, and he interacts really well with kids and adults. I'm amazed at his growth, and very happy I got to know him before and after!


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