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Friday, June 12, 2009


OooKay. I'm trying to understand this. I agree that D*vid L*tterman's joke was out of line. I'm thinking his writers need to be fired. But what is with Ms. P*lin? She has every right to be mad, but I don't understand why she ripped into M*tt L*uer on the Today show this morning, too. I rewound the DVR to watch it again, and I don't know why she went ballistic on him, too. Did I miss something? Did anyone else see the interview?


  1. I saw it and I think she is right on!
    If a man had made the same point with the same intensity to Matt Lauer would you say that he was out of line? Sarah Palin has been demeaned by the constant jokes on the Letterman show, then she gets villified for defending her family. And I think she is judged more harshly because she is a woman. If her husband had been the one defending his daughter, I think people would have bowed down to him because "men are supposed to defend women's honor".


    I thought she made the point that we as a society accept demeaning jokes about young women and she is correct. In the interview, I thought she kind of broadened her point to include everyone not just DL's show which I think is appropriate. Letterman is just following the times and we still live in times where it is ok to sexualize and demean women, especially young women more than we do men.

    Think of it this way....Joe Montana's son is all over the news for choosing a college football program. Palin's daugter is all over the news because a comedian made a pregnancy joke about her.
    That is no coincidence.We still have a ways to go as a society when it comes to attitudes about women.

    I am no supporter of Palin's politics but I am with her on this issue.

  2. Well, to answer your question, yes, I would blame a man who reacted like that. As I said, I think DL was way off base, as are many more of the media/entertainment, but my point is that SP unleashed against ML for no reason that I could see. His queries didn't seem to be out of line, but the wrath toward DL (and probably other media sources) was turned on ML before the interview was over. My question was .... Did I gloss over something ML said that justified the vehemence?

    I agree that women are broadly maligned and ridiculed. I don't agree that the answer to the injustice is to broadly lash out at everyone in a group, regardless of responsibility. It is paramount to me blaming and blasting every person wearing a blue shirt because someone in a blue shirt did something against me. Unfocused anger doesn't correct anything; it only turns people .... well, at least me .... against the one spreading it around without direction.

  3. I think that it doesnt matter if it was a teenage girl he was poking fun at rape is wrong I dont care if an adult or not but your right ML did not deserve her outrage picket the guy that deserves it. Not who ever is listening

  4. She didn't seem to have unfocused anger, in my opinion. She seemed to be someone who whole heartedly believes her opinion. Matt Lauer gave it right back and held his own, asking her pointed questions. I thought it was a lively exchange.

    When I was at the gym I saw Fox News (accidentally, I assure you) on the TV. The headline blared "hockey mom" versus David Letterman....Even the folks who agree with her politically put her in a box.

    You know, Sarah Palin can't catch a break...I think we all as society have no clue how to handle women. We are supposed to be polite mommies. So, if she did have unfocused anger on the Today show, good for her. Why aren't more women standing up and getting angry?

  5. I unfortunately didn't see the Today show. I don't like Sarah Palin. I think she is a wack-a-do. That being said, I think David Letterman was out of line. So she needs to direct her anger towards him...NOT Matt Lauer! I am thankful McCain didn't get elected so we the people don't have to deal with the wack-a-do.

  6. I did not see the interview, but I think SP is trying everything to make sure her name is kept in the news.

  7. Bobbie, the joking was despicable, no argument. DL deserves to be flogged, and honestly, he should apologize. An adult who put him/herself in public is pretty much fair game, but not the kids. Never.

    (M)ary, can we agree to disagree? I simply prefer to resolve things without anger when possible. One thing about leveling the table of equal rights for men and women that I hope doesn’t have to be is that disagreements escalate and are handled with aggressiveness, as men so often do. Men seem compelled to resolve with might, anger, force. I’d like to believe there is still hope for resolving issues without nastiness. I dislike conflict, and even though I’m definitely opinionated, I always go for the least volatile resolution method. You are certainly welcome to achieve resolution in your own way. I hope we both get to the same place, albeit, by different paths.

    Daisy, yeah, she is a wack-a-do. And I think DL was way off base and should back off with his head hung down for his words. Unbelievable. Yes, the vehemence should be between SP & DL.

    Caroline, I don’t know. I think her anger is justified and DL was out of line, totally. However, I’m sure she will make the most of this for her own notoriety. She doesn’t miss many opportunities.


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