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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Planting New, Cutting Down Old, Tired!

I planted five more plants this morning, leaving ten to go. I'm getting really tired of this! This morning's planting wasn't so bad, because the sky was overcast most of the morning, and the holes I dug were reasonably easy ones. After that I checked the yard for thistles and found fewer than ten. I'm afraid to say so (I don't want to jinx it!), but I think I may have won the battle!

I cleaned up the miscellaneous branches around the yard and loaded them into the truck, cut some more, loaded them, cut some more, etc. I ended up with two more truck bed loads to pile on the rest from the other day. The yard waste pickup is this coming week, and I am so glad to get as much done. I'd like to get more branches cut up, but I don't think I will push this for a while. I'm really tired, and my arms hurt like a sonagun!

I'll get the remaining plants in the ground in the next week, and hopefully that will be it for a while. I can kick back, water my new green babies, and take a few weeks off from the hard labor. The trees that still need trimmed will be in the same spots for the ensuing weeks. And if, at this point, they get up and walk away, I just might be relieved!

While I was tossing the branches into the truck, I noticed the mosses growing on the branches I'd just cut off of the dead PiƱon. These are pretty interesting.

I especially like this one with the little blossoms. Click on it to enlarge so you can see the details. I've never noticed moss blossoms before!

OK, I'm cooled off now. I need a shower and to fix some dinner.



  1. You are so very busy just think you wont have to do all this for awhile once your done.

  2. Bobbie, there is enough scrub oak that it is going to take me a long, long time to get it all cleared. I know I will get it done, but I can't see the end of the tunnel yet.


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