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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Progress .... even if it doesn't show yet

This is what most of my yard looked like before ....

Now, all that green stuff looks nice and .... well, green. But most of the green is scrub oak, the scurrilous pesky plant that absolutely takes over everything. I'm cutting it out to make room for pretty stuff. The grasses you see are beginning to green up and they will stay.

This is one of four tacks of limbs I've cut out of trees that were already dead on the ground. This one is about four to five feet high, five feet wide and about ten feet long.

This is an area that I've cleared and planted some of the fledgling plants. The one in the right foreground is a Mexican Broom. My "home made" stairs are on the left side.

I'll be glad when the new plants are sufficiently filled out to show up.

I use the rocks I've dug up to make the hole big enough for the plant as a wall to hold the dirt and form a water basin for each plant.

The Mexican Broom.

A Columbine and a Day Lily.

Another Day Lily.

A couple Columbines next to a clump of native grass.

The steps.

The Ladies in Waiting. Two Mexican Blooms, two Apache Plumes, two Shasta Daisies, two Gauras, and two Day Lilies.

I getting there. Slowly.

I forgot to tell you something that happened today. While I was out doing the last of the chores, I heard a commotion in the house. The main thing I could hear was Lola barking, barking, barking, and the others responding to her. I could have sworn she was saying, "Par-tayyyy!!" and the others were saying, "Git dowwwnnnnn!" I decided I was just going to hope for the best, because I was tired and really wanted to get finished and in to cool off.

So when I came in the house, I got a glass of water and was ready to go sit on the deck with The Kids to let the breeze cook me off. I heard a little sad whimper. I followed the sound, and poor Lola was trapped in the bedroom! All that time, something over an hour, she was barking to get out, and the others were barking back at her. I'm guessing they were saying,"Just climb over the gate like you did that other time!"

She was delighted to be free!


  1. the cats do the same thing except they meow and pepper will will bark with them. You are slowly making progress I like the steps

  2. Bobbie, I couldn't believe the noise! Characters!

  3. Oh, and thanks about the steps.

  4. You really have been a busy lady! I like the plants you have selected.

  5. Thanks, Daisy. I want to plant some Black-eyed Susans, too, but I decided I've scheduled myself enough for now. There's always next year! :)

  6. I LOVE Black-Eyed Susans!!! :-)

  7. I do, too, Daisy, and I also love that they are deer-resistant!


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