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Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Talking Trash Today

Well, actually, I'm talking debris, yard waste.

Boy! Am I ever glad I spent the time, sweat and grumbling yesterday to get the last of those branches out to be picked up. Just after 9:00 I heard a truck, and the dogs said, "Woooof?? wuf, wuf. W-w-woooof??" I translated that as "What is that? A truck, but stopping, not going past. What's it doing?"

I stepped to the door, and although I couldn't see the truck, I knew the sound. It was the yard waste pickup truck, and it was at one of my driveways picking up the piles there. I got my camera and stepped out onto the deck. Well, actually, I also threw on some clothes, because I was still in my nighty. Then I waited a few minutes while he finished that area and backed around to the other driveway where two more stacks waited.

He is picking up one of the piles here at the second driveway. You can see the last one waiting for be snatched up.

OK, moved into place.

The driver has to get out at each stop, climb onto the control platform and handle the controls for the big claw. The jaws grab the debris ....

.... it swings up and over the bed of the truck ....

.... and releases.

At one point, he looked up and saw me and he gave his usual wave. I think he noticed the camera, cause the next load went up fast and snappy, swinging a bit more than usual and dropping into the bed with a bit of flair! Big show off! No, he's a nice man, and I so appreciate his job which saves me a ton of labor and worry.

The County provides this service. About every six weeks the truck makes its rounds in my neighborhood and hauls away the kind of debris that potentially could feed a wildfire. This helps us, the homeowners, to be able to spend our time clearing, making the whole area safer without the difficulty of disposal. I would have to drive about 25 miles to the dump area, one pickup load at a time. This would have taken me about six trips or 300 miles!

The County gives us a schedule of the week the truck will be in our area, but there is not a specific date because it depends on road conditions. I've missed several pickups in the two previous summers because it had recently rained, and the truck is so heavy that it can get stuck in mud. In previous pickups, he hasn't made it to my house till about Thursday or Friday. As I said at the top, I'm glad I got it out yesterday, because had I put off the end of it, as I was tempted to do, till today, I would have missed him with the final two truck loads I picked up and stacked.

Yes, I was very glad to see him today! And I'm taking a day of rest.


  1. Yay!!! I have this fasination with the trucks that have that hook that pick things up like that. I used to love to watch the truck when it would come to our neighborhood in KC.

  2. Wow!!! That's a lot of work!!

    Btw...I love the new picture you put up on your banner!

  3. Caroline, I think you're a trucker at heart! As I recall you wanted pictures of the road grader redoing my driveway, too.There is a fascination is watching such big pieces of equipment doing rather intricate work, isn't there?

    Cheryl, it was. I'm so glad it is done, at least that stage of it.

    Oh, you were commenting when I was changing the banner, and I don't know which one you like, the cactus in bloom or the sunflower stalk with the ladybug?? Thanks, anyway, I like them both.

  4. I agree with Caroline I think them trucks are so cool and easier on the driver. You deserve a break enjoy and I like the ladybug and sunflower stalk

  5. Bobbie, there are so many labor saving devices around that it is amazing. I think many of us are fascinated with them.

  6. That's quite an operation they've got going there. Makes me want to get Jude a Tonka truck.

    BTW, love the new pic!!

  7. Oh, Tonka trucks! Those were the best! My son had a whole fleet of those. A couple of them belonged to his father, and I gave those to him when I cleaned out the house in KC. Those would be around 65 years old now. Sturdy stuff!

    Thanks, Melissa, about the pic.

  8. WOW!!! I am in admiration of the high tech trash truck your county has.

  9. What a great service - nothing like that service here - we wish!

  10. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it, Seamus. I'm so glad I don't have to haul it farther than the road.


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