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Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Movies

OK, I'm late. I almost wasn't going to post movies today. Then I started cleaning up the desktop on this computer, and found these which have come in recently. I'm bad about watching the videos right away, because I focus on getting through the incoming mail each day, so about once a week I view all the video files I've received. Of course, by the time I read them, I've forgotten where they came from! Anyway, these are worth getting off my lazy caboose and posting them. Or, I guess that should read, "staying on my lazy caboose," shouldn't it? OK, I'm for anything that helps me avoid work.

No comment on this. It stands on its own!

This was entitled, "Cleaning dad's care after a date."

I have nothing that can follow those two! Have a fab week, everyone!


  1. OMG too funny the first one Mike would have shot the dude lol to protect the princess of the house. Second one James would have probably gotten you go son from him and I would have ducttaped him somewhere lol ah the double standard alive and well in this house lol Bobbie

  2. hahahaha still laughing

  3. Great choices!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week too!! (I'm about to start packing for our beach trip!)

  4. I needed a good laugh! Thanks!



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