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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Some of the wildflowers I dug along the roadside and transplanted to my yard have survived.

A wild cousin of the Aster.

These grow thick over time and I love the delicate little blossoms.

One of my favorites, the Mexican Red Hat. I'm especially delighted that this one survived. It appears that this is one of the two-toned ones. It's the only one that survived, so I need to bring home a few more of these. I brought home two or three, I think.

Not wildflowers, but to my delight, the daisies I planted a few weeks ago are blooming.

Aren't they exquisite? I absolutely love daisies!



  1. I love daisies also and they are so low matiance. I also love the mexican hot poker flowers.

  2. What great pictures. I really love the Mexican Red Hat. And of course the daisies are beautiful. Aren't daisies your favorite?

  3. Caroline, yes, of domestic flowers my favs are daisies and daffodils. And the Mexican Red Hat is my fav wildflower, I think. Thanks!

  4. NOOOO! You do?? Really?? ;D


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