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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wild Night at Chéz Lynilu!

There was some major excitement in my bedroom last night! For real!

OK, OK! It was just the dogs and me, and one of those WTF stories.

As usual I gave the kids their treats and went to brush my teeth and wash my face. When I came back to the bed, Lola and Sammy were playing, wrestling on the bed. I got into bed and Jazi, as usual, climbed onto my lap. Joey was already nestled in by me, and Max was trying to decide about whether he wanted to get into the wrestling match or not. Finally he did for a few seconds, then backed away to watch again. Suddenly, he pounced on Sam, for what reason I have no idea. Lola scampered away, while Max and Sam were locked in battle!

I jumped up and grabbed Max, because I could reach him first, and backed off the bed with him in my arms. Sam was furious and was coming after Max. I had on black and white pajamas, so I blended in with Max, I suppose. Anyway, Sam charged, and before my right leg was quite off the bed, he clamped down on my thigh. Da-yumm! It hurt!

The skin was barely broken, and actually it didn't bleed till I washed it, so it isn't really as bad as it looks. The worst thing is the bruise. I put my fingers near it so you could tell about how long it is, about three inches. That boy got a good mouthful!

But then, I think he realized he had hurt me, 'cause he immediately stopped his attack and cowered on the bed, looking at me soulfully. I actually felt sorry for him. Max seemed to realize, too, that I was hurt. He was still in my arms, but very still and looking up at me with huge eyes. Both of them calmed down immediately after that, and it was quiet for the rest of the evening.

When things were settled I noticed that Jazi wasn't anywhere to be found. After a brief search, I located her under the bed. Sadly, I don't know if she scampered off the bed to hide, or if I dumped her and she retreated after bouncing off the floor! Poor girl!

I'm beginning to think I will never be able to get Max over his possessiveness and being territorial. I thought with time he would understand, but apparently it is instinct and breeding. Sam sometimes starts the growling, but Max is the one that gets physical first. As long as I am in a position to squirt them with the water bottle when they start, it is pretty easy to keep things quiet. But when it happens like it did last night, it is just a melee.

It really isn't a serious wound, but I sure as hell wish those two would get over themselves!


  1. We have same issues with Buford sometimes although his issues are over food. I also said they are males and will never get over themselves I wish you luck. I also wonder if its part of his life before your house and life of luxury he leads now.

  2. Ouch...I'm sure it was a scary time for all. Poor Max, lots of insecurities there that I hope he can overcome.

  3. Bobbie, it is hard to know what is up with him since we don't know his history. Since we think he is Llasa Apso, and they are possessive, I figure that is part of it, but who knows?

    MJ, I hope he can, too. His life quality would certainly improve.

  4. Oh, I am so sorry that happened to you. And poor Max...hopefully he will be able to become more secure over time. Hope they are doing better today.

  5. Caroline, the bruise is a doozy today! I just learned of a couple places to do obedience training in the area, actually close enough to consider! I'm psyched about that! You know it is said that knowing the rules, what is expected, is security for dogs. I hope so!


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