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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Important message

Update on 7/24: Good news!! Kim has adopted out some of the dogs! However, please consider sending her a few bucks. This is a completely donation-run facility. Kim runs on a shoestring most of the time. And she works with people as much as possible; when she finds a good home she will adjust the adoption fee if necessary to get the dogs into a furever home. She is really a good hearted woman, and she does this with a lot of self-sacrifice.

The rescue shelter where I got my Joey and Jazmyn is in Oklahoma, and this woman does an amazing job. She does it all on her own. This morning I was this on her facebook page:

bummer day, no adoptions no donations, no food, no way to pay vet bills, this will not be a good week!Pray for something to happen soon, food will last about 5 days!!

If you can help, even $5, please do so. I am not in a position to send much, but I am going to send a little bit. You can get information about the shelter at There is a button for Paypal donations at the site as well as an address to mail checks. Please find it in your heart to help Kim rescue, feed, shelter and place these animals. She has a huge heart. The whole State of Oklahoma will shudder if she can't continue.

Thank you from our hearts, Joey, Jazi and Lyn

P.S. Please feel free to pass this along.


  1. I just made a donation. Wish it could be more.

    Did you post on FB?

  2. I get paid tomorrow so I will make a donation. I know this person does very important work and if it weren't for her I know your heart would not be as full.

    I still laugh about trying to find her place. When you said she was in the middle of nowhere you really meant that.

    Oh, and for everyone else reading this...she really does an excellent job in finding homes for the dogs. And her place is very clean and run really well.

  3. I will make a donation next week I can kind of sympathize with her although I dont want to be as big as her and we at the moment we are not adopting our kittys out.

  4. I will see what I can donate.
    After all, if it wasn't for her, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the "life & times" of Joey and Jazi.

  5. Casey, thank you! I can't do much myself, but hopefully several of us will add up to buying her some time. She's quite a woman! And yes, I did post it to facebook AND sent out an email.

    Caroline, thank you, thank you! I know that you understand since you saw it when you picked up Joey for me. I appreciate it, and I know Kim will, too.

    Bobbie, thank you for your help. She is so good, and she doesn't euthanize ANY animals unless they are sick. If they don't get adopted, she keeps them.

    Kim, thanks! I know that most of my readers are like me, unable to do a lot, but every bit is helpful. What would we do without the J&J show, right? :)

  6. I just made my donation. Please keep us updated on how things are going for Kim.

  7. I will go check it out! Your heart for animals is so sweet!

  8. Thank you, Caroline and Cheryl. I will update as I know things.

  9. I saw her update on FB and was so happy to see that she was able to adopt some dogs today. I was browsing the list of dogs she has and there are a couple that I would love to bring home. I will blame you if I end up with another dog.


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